This Week's Bulletin

Weekly news and announcements about Christ the Light of the World and St. Joseph Parishes.

Week of January 7

New Family Emergency Shelter in Duquesne 

Auberle is opening a new Family Emergency Shelter in Duquesne on Monday. To help provide a safe and comfortable environment for families during their stay at the shelter, they are looking to collect some of the following items:

          baby monitors
wash clothes
          diaper wipes
        hygiene products.

Please consider donating these items. We will have receptacles in the churches for you to put your donations in. For more information you can contact Erin Rhodes at or 412-673-5856, ext. 1205.

This year, we are doing RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) as a grouping of Parishes.  We will be celebrating the Rite of Welcoming this weekend at the 11:30am Mass when we as parish communities welcome, pray for, and support our RCIA Candidate and Catechumens.

From Christ the Light of the World/St. Joseph, Alisha Reed is our Candidate as she is already baptized; and our Catechumen is Emma McGurk-Sowa who will be fully initiated (receiving Baptism, First Communion and Confirmation at the Easter Vigil).  From Holy Trinity, our Catechumens are Erika Pollak, Terri Pollak, and Dana Pollak. 

Our love, prayers, and care are with our Candidate and Catechumens during this journey of faith and growth into a deeper relationship with God.  We are with you!

Thank you for your multitude of cards, gifts, and goodies that you have showered upon me over the Christmas Season.  I am grateful to all of you for this experience of God’s tremendous Love and presence in my life. I appreciate all that everyone does in order to bring God closer and closer to my heart. THANKS!!!!!!

NEWLY BAPTIZED: Congratulations to the family of Davhon Diere Jackson and Deonjre Ronpaz Jackson who have been baptized into God’s family.

SUNDAY.......... JAN 7.......... RCIA RITE OF WELCOMING....................HN Church Mass 11:30 AM
THURSDAY..... JAN 11........ MEN’S SPIRITUAL FOCUS GROUP . . . . . .HN Church Hall 6:30 PM
SUNDAY.......... JAN 14........ CCD – ALL GRADES..................................... 9:30 -11:15 AM
SUNDAY.......... JAN 14........ 2ND GRADE PARENTS MEETING. . . . . . HN Church Hall 12:30 PM

Christ the Light of the World:  (B – blue tickets, Y – yellow tickets) –Dec. 25 - #867 – B (Esther Blotzer), Y (Dave Murray), Dec. 26 -#554 – B (Stanley Krasuski), Y (not bought), Dec. 27- #549– B (Ellie Kovacs), Y (not bought), Dec. 28 - #463– B  (Jim Marsilio), Y (not bought), Dec. 29 -#375 - B (Paulette Lockwood), Y (Lin Capozzoli), Dec. 30 - #790 – B (not bought), Y (not bought), Dec. 31 - #107 – B (not bought), Y (not bought).
St. Joseph : (green tickets) – Dec. 25- #867 (not bought), Dec. 26- #554 (not bought), Dec. 27- #549 (not bought), Dec. 28- #463 (not bought), Dec. 29- #375 (D. Weber), Dec. 30- #790 (not bought), Dec. 31- #107 (Ken Peairs).

We have scheduled a meeting for all parents whose children are in second grade and who will be celebrating their First Confession and First Holy Communion in the Spring.   It is being held next weekend, Sunday, January 14 after the 11:30am Mass, in Holy Name Church Hall.  All parents are expected to be present. Information will be given out regarding First Reconciliation and First Communion.  The meeting will last about one hour.

Confirmation information was sent to all 8th-9th grade students who were on the CCD files.  If you have not received information regarding Confirmation on April 25, 2018 and have an 8th - 12 grade student who has not been Confirmed please contact Donna Lew-Buechel ASAP at or  

FREE RETREAT FOR HIGH SCHOOL MEN:  Weekend of February 3-4 at the Martina Spiritual Renewal Center in West View. There is no cost for this retreat. To register, visit by January 22.

MARCH FOR LIFE:  Washington, DC, Friday, January 19, 2018.  Bus is sponsored by Knights of Columbus #4210.  Cost is $45.  For reservations and information, please call Dave and Celeste Palcsey at 412-672-6222.

CEMETERY REMINDER:  On November 29th the Catholic Cemeteries Association took over all three of our Cemeteries.    All cemetery inquiries should now be made to the Allegheny Regional Office, 1000 Logue Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15220.  Phone:  412-256-9370.  Fax 412-256-9210.  Email:  cpca@cpca–