This Week's Bulletin

Weekly news and announcements about Christ the Light of the World and St. Joseph Parishes.

Week of January 21

REMEMBER IN PRAYERS OF SUPPORT those making their faith journey through RCIA.  Please remember and support in daily prayer Alisha Reed, Emma McGurk-Sowa, Erika Pollak, Terri Pollak, and Dana Pollak. 

CHRISTMAS MEMORIAL FLOWER LISTS are available around the churches this weekend.  Thank you for your generosity that enabled us to create such beautiful liturgical spaces in both churches for the Christmas Season.  

FREE RETREAT FOR HIGH SCHOOL MEN:  Weekend of February 3-4 at the Martina Spiritual Renewal Center in West View. There is no cost for this retreat. To register, visit by January 22. 

TV MASS FOR SHUT-INS featuring CLW/St. Joseph Parishes will be aired at 6:00 AM on Sunday, January 28 on cable channels PCNC and MeTV.  The Mass was videotaped on Tuesday, January 16 at WPXI TV studio.

SUPERBOWL HOAGIE SALE:  Make our Homemade Hoagies the highlight of your Superbowl Party February 4th Weekend.  We frequently sell out so we encourage you to order in advance (412-469-0196). This gives us a better idea of how many hoagies to make.  Advance Order Forms are available around the church for you to use, with space to take orders from friends, neighbors and associates. As always, we need volunteers to help build them on Saturday February 3rd beginning at 8:00 am in the Holy Name Hall.  It’s great fun and many hands make the work go quickly.

REST IN PEACE       Please remember Leona Terza and Francis “Fran” Daley who have died and risen to new life in the Lord.

TUESDAY........ JAN 23........ FISH FRY PLANNING MEETING.. HN Church Hall 6:30 PM
SUNDAY.......... JAN 28........ CCD – ALL GRADES..................................... 9:30 - 11:15 AM


Christ the Light of the World:  (B – blue tickets, Y – yellow tickets) –Jan. 8 - #492 – B (not bought), Y (not bought), Jan. 9 - #346 – B (not bought), Y (Anna Mae Serenka), Jan. 10 - #183– B (Victoria Stojakovich), Y (not bought), Jan. 11 - #962– B  (not bought),  Y (not bought),  Jan. 12 - #991 - B (Donna Sherer), Y (not bought), Jan. 13 - #550 – B (James Kovar), Y (not bought), Jan. 14 - #166 – B (not bought), Y (not bought), Jan. 15 - #759 –B (not bought), Y (not bought).  

St. Joseph Parish: (green tickets) – Jan. 8- #492 (not bought), Jan. 9 - #346 (Joe Oestreich), Jan. 10- #183 (Elaine Bost), Jan. 11 - #962 (not bought), Jan. 12 - #991 (Jeanne Estep), Jan. 13 - #550 (Joe Denne), Jan. 14 - #166 (Kathleen Hilley), Jan. 15 - #759 (not bought). 

LENTEN FISH FRY MEETING:   Tuesday, January 23 at 6:30pm in Holy Name Church Hall. All volunteers are welcome to attend. Will address signage, menu. shift times, procedures.  For questions or more information, call Tony Popowitz at 412.654.6370 or Tony Chepanoske at 412.979.0444.

Auberle is opening a new Family Emergency Shelter in Duquesne on Monday. To help provide a safe and comfortable environment for families during their stay at the shelter, they are looking to collect some of the following items: 

baby monitors  •  towels  •  wash clothes  •  diapers  •  diaper wipes  •  hygiene products 

Please consider donating these items. We will have receptacles in the churches for you to put your donations in. For more information you can contact Erin Rhodes at or 412-673-5856, ext. 1205.

These cold, bitter temperatures have certainly been hard on all of us, and just think…most of us have a home with heat, running water, electricity, and food. These conditions are extremely harsh and dangerous to those who are homeless. Socks are crucial for them as are other items. We are going to put together bags for the homeless and need your help. For the next several weeks, we are going to be asking you to donate whatever items you can. We will have receptacles at the doors for you to place your items in. The items needed are:


      • refillable water bottles          • socks                 • granola bars and cereal bars

      • crackers with peanut butter or cheese • tuna & crackers  • fruit snacks & applesauce cups

      • soft packs of Kleenex      • hand wipes  and  chapstick          • toothbrushes & toothpaste

         • mints, cough drops, gum • nail clippers & bandaids  • $5 gift cards to McDonalds                    

If you would like to write notes of encouragement, those would be most welcome as well. If you have children, perhaps having them draw a picture. You never know what will brighten someone’s day.

THIS WEEK’S ENVELOPE for St. Anthony School Programs and DePaul School for Hearing and Speech This collection supports two vital programs.  St. Anthony School offers inclusive education to children ages 5–12 with Intellectual Disabilities/Autism.  DePaul School teaches children ages 18 months –14 years who are deaf or hard of hearing.  Remember, donations to this collection will be credited to our Parish Share goals.