This Week's Bulletin

Weekly news and announcements about Christ the Light of the World and St. Joseph Parishes.

Week of November 15


Saturday - 5:00pm [HN] - Adolph and Irene Kuszaj (Kathy and Jan)
Sunday - 9:00am [SJ] - Robert Denne (Steve Denne Family)
Sunday - 11:30am [HN] - Joe Kunak  (Wife and Family)

Monday - 12:00pm [HN] - NO MASS
Tuesday - 12:00pm [HN] - John and Anna Adams (Bill & Mary Adams)
Wednesday - 12:00pm [HN] - Deceased of Sakson Family & Barbara Hall (Dodo)
Thursday - 12:00pm [HN] - Bob Novak (Tim & Carol Petrisko)
Friday - 8:00am [HN] - Catherine Falvo (Pete Valentine)

Saturday - 5:00pm [HN] - Deceased of Curran Family & Mary Jo Wilson (Family)
Sunday - 9:00am [SJ] - Helen Tomovcsik (Rich and Jackie Ando)
Sunday - 11:30am [HN] - Betty Falvo (Greg & Nancy Lesko)


Nov 21 - Saturday - 5:00 pm [HN] -  Trey & Trent Manspeaker
Nov 22 - Sunday - 9:00 am [SJ] -  Brittany Davis & Joey Mellon
Nov 22 - Sunday - 11:30 am [HN] -  Ryan & Tyler Gedman
Nov 26 - Thanksgiving - 10:00 am [HN] -  Frank Provance & Paul Ruhl


Please remember Mary Ellen Miklos, Ernest Basser, Jean Crandal and Ron (Dewey) Kosko , all of whom have died and risen to new life in the Lord. 


We welcome our newest parishioners Donna Westerlund and Doug Wilhoit who have joined our parish family.


Congratulations to the families of Peyton Marie McCullough and Bentley Allan Hoffman who have been baptized into God’s family.


The season of Advent is fast approaching. We are currently updating the lists of our parishioners who are homebound or in nursing homes so that we might share the spirit of the season with them.   We can make them feel still part of our parish and help them not to feel forgotten. A list of these parishioners will be attached to the bulletin at the beginning of Advent.  If you know of someone who should be added please call the church office or email


There have been numerous requests lately to re-release Debbie & Rays' off the charts (WAY OFF) Christmas CD "HEAVENLY TO EARTH'. The CD has many beautiful songs, but more importantly, we can re-connect with our beloved Fr. Dennis, whose 3 passionate, hope-filled reflections on Christmas, family, love and life are also included on the CD. They are hauntingly powerful in how they portray Christs' world-changing birth, and how Christmas should be lived everyday. They will sell for $15 each, 2 for $25, and if you buy 4 for $50 you will receive one free!  25% of the proceeds will go to the refurbishing project of the circle at HN Cemetery where Fr. Dennis is buried. They will be available after all weekend Masses from Nov. 14th thru Nov. 29th or while supplies last. Let's together enhance our Christmas experience, and help build a beautiful memorial for Fr. Dennis and our parishes. 


Our annual “Thanksgiving Brown Bag Reachout” has begunYou are invited to “Reachout with Gifts of Love.”  Every person or family is invited to take a “brown bag” or two distributed around the churches. Attached to each bag is a “color coded needs list” for each particular place identified.  Buy as many items on the list as you wish.  Each bag has identified multiple items so as to give those with limited means the opportunity to participate and only purchase 1 or 2 items.  Put the items in the bag and bring it to church anytime up to and including Thanksgiving Day.  Put the bags in front of the church.  You may take more than one bag.  This project is an educational tool to teach your children to help others, especially the most needy, and how to truly live the Gospel message with actions and not just words.  We try to reach out to the places with the greatest needs, especially those whom society often ignores and tosses aside as unlovable. Jubilee Soup Kitchen:  Sister Liguori Rossner operates this food kitchen to feed the hungry and homeless. Angels Place: provides daycare for low income student moms, so they can be educated and productive parents. Intersection:  under the direction of two nuns, this facility ministers to the poor and homeless and provides weekly meals.  Michaels Place:  St. Vincent De Paul Society provides transitional living and assistance for motivated men who want to lead a clean, sober and responsible life after prison.  Healthy Start House:  give women and children the chance to start a healthy life.  Gateway Braddock:  provides services to those coming from prison to transition to a work and home environment.


  • Thanksgiving Mass:  One of our favorite Masses!  Don’t miss this spiritual and meaningful celebration in Holy Name Church – 10:00 am Thanksgiving morning.
  • Thanksgiving Reachout:  You can make a monetary donation to help a needy family for Thanksgiving. Drop the donation in the collection or mail to the rectory.  Mark the envelope “reachout.” Another easy way to participate is by donating some “Food Store Gift Cards.”  Drop them in the collection or mail to the rectory.
  • Cans of Coins:  Start saving your coins/change for our traditional “coin offering” at our Thanksgiving Liturgy which helps needy families.  This is another way to teach your children about charitable giving.
  • Thanksgiving Breakfast Buffet:  will be held on Sunday, Nov. 29 in the Holy Name Hall from 9 am – 1:30 pm and hosted by the Caring Ministry. Menu includes:  eggs, bacon, sausage, home fries, pancakes, rolls, juice. Donation:  Adults - $7.00, Children 12 & under - $4.00 (first child), other family children eat free. Volunteers:  to help that morning call Debbie Lesko (412-694-6149) or Terry Fuller (412-466-4223) or   


To date, Christ the Light of the World Parish has received $33,037.00 in outright donations and pledge payments from 142 donors towards our goal of $54,774.00.  This leaves a balance of $21,737.00St. Joseph Parish has received $13,248.00 in outright donations and pledge payments from 56 donors towards our goal of $20,137.00.  This leaves a balance of $6,889.00. If you have not yet stepped up to do your part we urge you to do so soon.  Give what you can afford…every little bit will help. Balances must be paid by Dec. 31. If we fall short of our goals, we must take from our parish savings, leaving less money for upkeep and maintenance of our 7 parish buildings.  


St. Joseph Parish wishes to thank the family who read of the needed repairs published in the bulletin and stepped forward to defray the cost of St.Joseph’s roof and cemetery repairs.  God bless you for your great generosity!


The City of Duquesne Fire Department is sponsoring a fun-filled evening featuring FHG Creation Studios alternative way to painting.   Sunday, November 22nd at 7pm at the American Croatian Club, 1111 W. Grant Avenue, Duquesne.  BYOB.  Donation $25.  Buy tickets from any fire dept. member or Brian at 412-452-0778.  


Holy Trinity Church, 529 Grant Ave. Ext., West Mifflin will present an afternoon of Lessons and Carols on Sunday, November 29th at 4pm. A reception will follow in the church social hall.


Daniel 12:1-3
Hebrews 10:11-14, 18
Mark 13:24-32


$  1,499.00 - November 8, 2015 Offertory
$     290.00 - Utilities
$     100.00 - Because I Care (1)


$   4,320.50 - November 8, 2015 Offertory
$      235.00 - Love Gifts (6)
$     1,245.15. - Hoagie Sale Profit