This Week's Bulletin

Weekly news and announcements about Christ the Light of the World and St. Joseph Parishes.

Week of November 3



5:00 pm [HN] - Jane Plake  (Gert Bytzura)
9:00 am [SJ] - All Souls Celebration
11:30 am [HN] - All Souls Celebration


12:00 pm [HN] - No Mass


12:00 pm [HN] - Anne Adams  (Debbie Stewart)


12:00 pm [HN] - Joseph Sucevic  (aunt, Barb Dudas)


12:00 pm [HN] - Noramae DiPaolo  (Mary & Tom Regina)


8:00 am [HN] - Alex Frizzi  (Howard Beharry)


5:00 pm [HN] - Theo Jozwiak  (Bill & Jean Schleifer)
9:00 am [SJ] - Joseph Serenka  (Marine Corps Friends)
11:30 am [HN] - Judy Adams  (M/M Dennis Legin)


Nov 9 - Saturday - 5:00 pm - Faith & Frank Provance
Nov 10 - Sunday - 9:00 am - Tyler Gedman & Colby Steinbruegge
Nov 10 - Sunday - 11:30 am - Schae Binger & Paul Ruhl


Congratulations to the family of Marina Victoria Gyurky, who is baptized into God’s family this weekend.


Starting Sunday, November 3rd (just before the 11:30 am Mass begins), whoever wishes “to do what we do best (pray)” is invited to participate in the praying of the St. Jude novena for the complete recovery of Fr. Dennis.  The novena will run for the customary 9 weeks of praying, ending Sunday, December 29th.  The novena is very brief, but very powerful.  Please arrive at least 10 minutes early for  the start of the novena.  Although our focus is on Fr. Dennis, anyone who has an impossible situation can write their request on a card and give to Ray Judy or Paul Ruhl before the novena starts and your intention will be read aloud during the petition part of the novena.


We have begun our annual “Thanksgiving Brown Bag Reachout.” You are invited to “Reachout with Gifts of Love.”  Every person or family is invited to take a “brown bag” or two distributed around the churches. Attached to each bag is a “color coded needs list” for each particular place identified.  Buy as many items on the list as you wish.  Each bag has identified multiple items so as to give those with limited means the opportunity to participate and only purchase 1 or 2 items.  Put the items in the bag and bring it to church anytime up to and including Thanksgiving Day.  Put the bags in front of the church.  You may take more than one bag.  This project is an educational tool to teach your children to help others, especially the most needy and how to truly live the Gospel message with actions and not just words.

We try to reach out to the places with the greatest needs, especially those whom society often ignores and tosses aside as unlovable.  Jubilee Soup Kitchen:  Sister Liguori Rossner operates this food kitchen to feed the hungry and homeless.

Angels Place: provides daycare for low income student moms, so they can be educated and productive parents. Intersection:  under the direction of two nuns, this facility ministers to the poor and homeless and provides weekly meals.

Michaels Place:  St. Vincent De Paul Society provides transitional living and assistance for motivated men who want to lead a clean, sober and responsible life after prison.  Healthy Start House:  give women and children the chance to start a healthy life.  Gateway Braddock:  provides services to those coming from prison to transition to a work and home environment.


You can make a monetary donation to help a needy family for Thanksgiving.  Drop the donation in the collection or mail to the rectory.  Mark the envelope, “reachout.”  Another easy way to participate is by donating some “Food Store Gift Cards.”  Drop in the collection or mail to the rectory.

CANS OF COINS:  Start saving your coins/change for our traditional “coin offering” at our Thanksgiving Liturgy which helps needy families.  This is another great way to teach your children about charitable giving.


On Veteran’s Day weekend, Saturday, November 9, we are going have a homemade Fried Chicken Buffet Dinner  from 3 pm – 7 pm in the Holy Name Hall.  Come and eat before or after Mass or take some home. If you thought the grilled food at the picnic was great, wait until you sample the fried chicken.

  • Special Notes:  1) All veterans eating in, eat free.  2) Every adult eating in will receive a free glass of wine.  Donation is $8.00 for adults, $5.00 children (12 & under).
  • Volunteers:  We need lots of help to make this special event a success.  We need buffet servers, prepsters (to do prep work the day before), cashiers, clean up helpers, etc.  If you want to volunteer call Ray Judy (412-518-2152) or the rectory.  This event will be a good chance for those who work during the week to give the “gift of time.” Volunteers should report to the church hall at 2:00 pm.
  • Baked Goods:  we would like to have a baked goods sale.  Bring your baked goods to the hall that day.


The Christian Mothers will meet Tuesday, November 19.  Rosary will be prayed at 5:45 pm followed by Mass at 6:00 pm and Installation of New Members in [HN] Church.  The West Mifflin High School Chamber Strings will perform in the hall at 7:00 pm.  A social will follow.  Anyone is welcome to come see this performance.


After all the weekend Masses next Nov. 9/10, our CCD students will be accepting donations for the “ Rainbow Loom Bracelets” that they have been making. The money donated will go to the Feed the Hungry for Thanksgiving.


The American Bishops of the United States have approved a national collection on Nov. 9/10 for priest chaplains who bring the Church’s pastoral services to men and women in uniform who serve in the armed forces as well  as their families and patients in the nation’s VA Medical Centers. This collection offers each of us a substantial way to “serve those who serve.”

If you wish to participate, you will find envelopes around the churches specifically designed for this appeal.  Pick one up, drop it in the collection basket next weekend.


Sir. 35: 12 – 18              2 Tim. 4: 6 – 8, 16 - 18               Mt. 5:  1 - 12


$ 4,405.00 - October 27, 2013 Offertory
$    337.95 - World Missions
$    866.00 - Utilities
$    651.00 - Parish Religious Education Programs
$     130.00 - Love Gift Donations (6)


Next week's second envelope will be for Military Services.