This Week's Bulletin

Weekly news and announcements about Christ the Light of the World and St. Joseph Parishes.

Week of September 23



5:00 pm [HN] - John “Pap-Pap” Bitkowski (grandchildren)
9:00 am [SJ] - Virginia & Louis Weber  (family)
11:30 am [HN] - Ramon Jakub  (Paul & Colleen Budai)


12:00 pm [HN] - Jeanne Martin  (Renee Johnson) 


12:00 pm [HN] - Mary Dubich  (Paul Marino)


12:00 pm [HN] - Arthur Eicholtz Jr. (Tom & Mary Regina)


12:00 pm [HN] - No Mass – Diocesan Priest Council   


8:00 am [HN] - John Koller Jr.  (family)        

Next Saturday/Sunday  

5:00 pm [HN] - 50th Wedding Anniversary – Walter & Carol Worek
9:00 am [SJ] - John & Helen Cicak (Al & Mirian Adams)
11:30 am [HN] - Julia Rathi  (G.C. U. Lodge #117) 


Sept 29 - Saturday, 5:00 pm - Frank Provance & Faith Provance
Sept 30 - Sunday, 9:00 am - Zack Denne & Katrina Janusek
Sept 30 - Sunday, 11:30 am - CHristina & Gabriella Emery


We would like to welcome Elliott & Kelli Feschuk and their children, Dilan and Ryan who have come to join our parish this week.


Please remember Rita Jackson, who died and rose to new life with the Lord this week.


Congratulations to the families  of Ty Joseph Seibel and Sydney Taylor Welsh, who were baptized into God’s family this weekend.


We are beginning to schedule Masses for 2013.  Because of your cooperation in the past, we are now able to schedule 4 Masses a year.  In order to make this process easy, you will need to follow these procedures:  1) You may schedule Mass at any time, in any church on a first come first served basis.  2) Only 2 can be scheduled on a weekend, the other 2 must be scheduled during the week.  3) ONLY phone calls will be accepted, no walk-ins at the rectory will be taken. 4) Fr. Dennis will assist you personally.  No other staff member can schedule Mass.  You can call him 9 am – 3 pm, Monday thru Friday at 412-469-0196.  If he is not available, leave your name and phone number and he will return your call in the order received.  5) When calling have the dates, times, places and intentions available.


If you love to sing; we’ve got a place for you.”  Christ the Light of the World/St. Joseph Choir is looking to expand their ranks.  We have vacancies in all voice parts and would love for you to audition for a spot. Our Regular Choir is a great group of people who love to sing and have fun.  We meet on Wednesday evenings from 7:15 to 9:30 in Holy Name Church. This year, we are adding a Festival Choir to our regular choir that will rehearse only for Christmas from Oct. 24 through Dec. 19.  We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity.  It would be an honor for us if you consider giving your time & talent to ensure that our Music Ministry and Music at Mass is the best it can be.

For more information, see the flyers around the churches or call Debbie (412-853-7354).  Coming soon!! The Music Ministry page on our website:


Dust off those knitting needles and crochet hooks. Let’s get together and craft some baby blankets and booties, lap robes and hats.  Members of our parish would like to start a knit/crochet group that could share  their talents with those in need of warm blankets and warm wishes and have some fun! No experience – no problem.  Group is in the planning stage.  For information, call Diane Cook (412-672-4815.)


The Common Ministries Homeless Men’s Shelter has been helping homeless men for 30 years.  Every night 25 homeless men find safe shelter and every day of the week have the chance to shower, do laundry and have a hot meal.  Particular needs:  Twin Size sheets, bath towels, toiletries (deodorant sticks, shampoo, bar soap, toothpaste.) Drop them off in the church vestibules during the month of September.  Mark the bags “Homeless.”


Invitation letters were sent this week to all 9th & 10th graders who are eligible to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation this year because they have completed their CCD program and have received 3 consecutive years of religious instruction.  Student contracts must be returned to Fr. Dennis by October 3. 


Have you been searching for a deeper meaning in your life? Is something missing? Do you need a new direction for your life’s journey? Does your life seem unsettled? Have you thought about the fact that God may be nudging you to enter into a process and become a Catholic?  To find an answer to these questions, you might want to consider entering into the “Process of Christian Initiation.”  This process formally begins on Monday, Oct. 1 at 6:30 pm in the Holy Name Hall.  Questions?  Call Fr. Dennis.

Who is this process for?
  If you have never been baptized, or were baptized in another religion other than Catholic or was baptized Catholic and did not receive any other sacraments, then this is the process for you.


CLW Men’s Club is hosting an “Night at the Races” on Saturday, Sept. 29.  Proceeds from this event will go towards a defibulator for the parish.  All the information on how you might participate is found on the sheet around the churches.


Our next “Hoagie Sale” is scheduled for the weekend of October 6/7.  It is our hope that it will be successful again.  If anyone would like to take orders at work, so as to deliver them on Monday morning please do so. Your participation in this way would help make this more profitable for the parish.  We would be able to thus up our count.  Place an order:  Call the rectory to place an order.   Volunteers:  We can always use more volunteers.  We have 25 – 30 regulars, but “the more the merrier.”  With more volunteers the work load will be shared and our time frame will remain close to 3 hours of labor. 


Dear Fr. Dennis and Parishioners of Christ the Light of the World and St. Joseph: Recently, my mother, Ann Liposky passed away after being blessed with living almost 95 years.  It is with sincere thanks and gratitude that my family and I wish to extend our appreciation to you and the parish members for being a part of her life until the very end.

The Advent/Lenten Reachout Program offered such warm and thoughtful caring.  Cards sent from parishioners who knew my mom and from those who didn’t know her adorned her room at Easter and Christmas time.  She was always so pleased to receive mailings which brightened her day.  These parishioners should know what an impact this kind gesture has on the lives of the aging and elderly.  Mom received church bulletins without fail. This helped her stay in touch with the parish she loved even though she could no longer attend.  A simple mailing meant the world to her.  When mom came home to be buried, she was welcomed back with all the love and caring that the parish and Fr. Dennis could offer.  This faith community is truly blessed.  God’s work is seen in the action of the parishioners.  I am proud to have been a member and prouder to see how this faith community thrives today……Anita (Liposky) and Jack Proksa family


Wis. 2: 12, 17 - 20        James 3: 16 – 4: 3               Mark 9:30 - 37         


$  3,897.20 - September 16, 2012 Offertory
$     350.00 - Love Gift Donations (6)