This Week's Bulletin

Weekly news and announcements about Christ the Light of the World and St. Joseph Parishes.

Week of March 27


Next Saturday/Sunday

5:00 pm [HN] - Jennery Flavo (M/M James Pratko)
8:30 am [SH] - No Mass - January, February, March through April 10
10:00 am [SJ] - Randy Marciniec (John & Vera Slis)
11:30 am [HN] - Christine & Tony Sgroi (family)


12:00 pm [HN] - Mary Lou Gedman (M/M Ken Sterer)


12:00 pm [HN] - George Mateya (Al & Deb Durica)


12:00 pm [HN] - Michele Jugan (Merle Linn)


12:00 pm [HN] - Elsie Lyskava (George Ruscitto)


8:00 am [SJ] - Betsy Lalor (Vickovic Family)

Next Saturday/Sunday

5:00 pm [HN] - John Bitkowski (M/M Bill Adams)
8:30 am [SH] - No Mass - January, February, March through April 10
10:00 am [SJ] - Mary Janusek (Carl & Paul Janusek Families)
11:30 am [HN] - Eric Kollar (Bill, Kelly & Lain Welsh)


March 26 - Saturday, 5:00 pm - Dylan Ernst & Dane Marasco
March 20 - Sunday, 11:30 am - Christina & Gabriella Emery


Please remember Dolores Trainor, who died and rose to new life this week.


Celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation:  To be held after all the Masses on the weekend of
April 9 & 10.  We will celebrate communally in a guilt free, non-judgmental way.  The same as we did for Advent.

  • Reachout to the Needy:   Help, Our, Own.  Drop your donation in the collection or mail to the rectory to help feed our parishioners and realize that the new life of Easter comes also through the kindness of strangers.
  • Coin Collection: Begin saving your coins for the offering for the poor at our Holy Thursday Ministry of Service.
  • Pierogies – ALL LENT LONG:  “Gosia’s” pierogies will be available all during the season of Lent for $6.00 a dozen. We have potato/cheese and sweet cabbage available. You may stop at the Holy Name Rectory during the week.
  • Memorial Easter Flowers:  make a donation in honor or memory of a loved one until Easter.  Use your collection envelope. Be sure to include your name.  A memorial listing will be published after Easter.



We will be selling our now famous hoagies, next weekend after all the Masses at all the churches.  We will also be selling them in the HN Hall from 9 am – 11:30 am for anyone who would like theirs on Saturday.  Last month, we sold almost 200 on Saturday morning.  They are still selling for $5.00 each.  

  • Place your orders:  we would ask that you call the rectory and place your order and we will have it ready for you Saturday morning or Sunday after Mass, with your name on it.  They have been such hot items that we ran out.  Don’t get left out.
  • Volunteers:  we could always use more help.  We have been averaging 25 – 30 helpers, which has made the time commitment about 2.5 hours.  Come and have a great time, working and doing something to help your parish.


The cleanup at our 3 cemeteries (Holy Name, St. Hedwig and St. Joseph) has begun.  Anyone who wants to rescue their Christmas decorations must do so by April 1.  It is also highly recommended that you read the specific regulations at the entrance to the cemeteries, so you will be informed what is and is not permissible to put on the graves.


Over 3.5 years ago, the Diocese issued a policy for the “protection of God’s children.”  This policy originally was meant for those who work directly with children (i.e. priests, teachers in Catholic schools and CCD programs, etc.)  The policy was later expanded to all those who volunteer or minister in parishes. We are now at the point where everyone who volunteers or ministers MUST have all their clearances according to the expanded Diocesan policy.  I am striving to have both parishes in 100% compliance by the time we become one parish in 22 months.

We have been trying to facilitate this process in an orderly manner.  This process is seen hopefully as a “proactive” rather than a “reactive” approach, so that the Catholic Churches of Duquesne can be viewed as doing our best to provide a safe environment for our children. Getting the proper clearances and attending the informational, learning workshop is not optional, it is a requirement.  

  • Eucharistic Ministers, Lectors, Ushers & Music Ministers have begun the “clearance procedures” as a pro-active approach for the protection of God’s children.  You are asked to fill them out and return them to CLW or SJ rectory ASAP. The cost of processing will be picked up by the parish. Anyone now and in the future who wants to participate in the life of the parish through ministry or by volunteering will need to go through this process.
  • On Line Participation: You can fill out the paper work on line to facilitate the process.  If you have any questions, call or email the safe environment coordinator.  Her information is at the bottom of this announcement.
  • SIGN UP ASAP for the Protecting God’s Children’s Workshop – NEXT SUNDAY, APRIL 3 beginning at 12:30 pm.  Please respond by Monday, March 28.  All Christ the Light of the World Parish and St. Joseph Parish parishioners who minister or volunteer may attend.   Call or email, register NOW!
  • Questions:  you can contact our Parish Safe Environment Coordinator, Colleen Whitney (412-461-8318) or by e-mail (


Make your plans to attend. The benefit will be held on Saturday, April 9 from 6:30 pm – 10:30 pm in the Knights of Columbus Hall, West Mifflin.  Tickets are $25.00 each. 192 tickets have already been purchased. You can get yours by calling Mary Jane (412-466-8595 or or Bethany (412-469-1372 or or stop during the day to Holy Name Rectory and we will send you the tickets when you send the donation. There are several ways that you can participate in making this event another huge success.  For full details, you can refer and pick up one of the large pink announcement flyers found around the churches.  How you can help!!  1) Come to the event. 2) Volunteer to help. 3) Make a food item to be served. 4) Donate a specialty basket or a case of pop, beer, a gift card or make a monetary donation. 5) Make a donation “in honor or in memory” of someone. 


Hi there – This is SFC Esparza writing Pete and Cheryl Janusek from Kandaahar, Afghanistan.  Just wanted to send you my love and deep gratefulness for the care package that I received…thank you again…and by the way, loved your pepper powder and the website.


Gn. 12: 1 - 4                2 Tim. 1: 8 - 10                Matt. 17: 1 - 9    


$5,013.90 - March 20, 2011 – Offertory
$   261.00 - Love Gift Donations (6)


The second collection on April 2 & 3 will be for Catholic Relief Services to help the people of Japan. You can put your Parish Upkeep & Maintenance envelopes in this collection also.