This Week's Bulletin

Weekly news and announcements about Christ the Light of the World and St. Joseph Parishes.

Week of February 13


Next Saturday/Sunday

5:00 pm [HN] - John Husar (family)
8:30 am [SH] - No Mass - January, February, March through April 10
10:00 am [SJ] - Charles Cerepani (Dodie, John & Anita)
11:30 am [HN] - Julia Rathi (Audrey Cuccaro)


12:00 pm [HN] - John "Wayne" Grooms (Tionesta Friends)


12:00 pm [HN] - Gert Kollar (Bob & DoDo)


12:00 pm [HN] - Jack Jubak (M/M Paul Budai)


12:00 pm [HN] - Mary Kostley (Paul & Helen Kilroy)


8:00 am [SJ] - Richard McGuirk (wife)

Next Saturday/Sunday

5:00 pm [HN] - Claire McCune (Dolores Duda)
8:30 am [SH] - No Mass - January, February, March through April 10
10:00 am [SJ] - Elanor Rossner (M/M Bill Minnick)
11:30 am [HN] - Michael "Bricky" Anastas (family)


Feb 19 - Saturday, 5:00 pm - Sara Pommer & Stephanie Duda
Feb 20 - Sunday, 11:30 am - Joran & Mariah McCormick


We would like to welcome Kevin Wills, Dave Hornyak, and his children Gavin & Rachel to our parish this week.


Over the past few years, the Diocese of Pittsburgh has been actively putting into place in all of the parishes of the Diocese a program for all those who work or volunteer in our parishes.  The program is called “Protecting God’s Children.”  We here in Duquesne are diligently trying to be in compliance with the requirements as set up by the Diocese.  The program requires that all who volunteer in the parish go through the “Safe Environment for Children Clearance Procedure.” All of our religious education teachers have completed this procedure and are working on all the members of our paid staff. We will now be having all of our Eucharistic Ministers, Lectors and Ushers to begin the “clearance procedures.”

Those who volunteer for the church are seen by children as persons who can be trusted.  Therefore, over the next few months, we will be processing our volunteers to meet the Diocesan requirements for the Protection of Children.  Folders with information and forms can be picked up at the Holy Name rectory during the week and in the church sacristy on weekends.  We will try to do this in an orderly and timely manner.  We will begin first with Christ the Light of the World Parish and then with St. Joseph.  So, by the time we are one parish, we should all be covered. 

Questions:  you can contact our Parish Safe Environment Coordinator, Colleen Whitney (412-461-8318) or by e-mail ( )


We would like to inform everyone that we have come to the end of the 2010 Parish Share Program and wanted to give everyone this final year ending report.  Our goal for this past year was $53,905.00.  We received $36,051.00 in outright donations and pledge payments from 235 parishioners or 25% of our registered membership.  This left us a balance of $17,854.00.  In order to keep our parish finances solvent, we must now take the balance from and reduce our parish savings to pay off this balance. 

Also, the balance of our 2010 parish insurance bill of $39,767.74 in also due at the end of this month.  The bill for the year is $110,937.11. We have to take this from our parish savings also.   This week our savings decreased $57,621.74 from Parish Share and Insurances.  Hopefully, these stark realities will inspire everyone to increase their monetary participation in the life of our parish.


We are providing you with the names of the 150 soldiers, their addresses and their needs.  Write to them, send them something. The information is included on the green colored cards found around our churches. It will be exciting to see how this spreads! HOW TO MAIL:  Send cards and letters by regular mail.  The address must be EXACTLY as typed on the green cards.

Packages can be sent and boxes acquired by following the directions that are on the green sheets that are located around the churches.

  • “PILLOWS FOR PATRIOTS”One of the members of our parish who works with elderly adults in personal care homes is going to have them send messages on pillows that they craft themselves to send to our adopted Army squadron.  If you would like to donate any “new and unused” white pillow cases, for this cause, please do so by bringing them to church and place them in the containers marked, “Pillows for Patriots” or you can also drop them off at the rectory or you can drop a monetary donation in the collection or mail it to the rectory to help defray the cost of buying the pillow cases.  We want to make sure all 150 soldiers get one.
  • REACH OUT TO A WOUNDED SOLDIER:   Linda Bentley whose grandson, Lars Miles of our parish is a US Marine fighting in Afghanistan.  She has been informed by “Marine Mom Friends” that a young Marine and native of Johnstown has survived a IED explosion while on duty in Afghanistan.  He is in bad shape, but he is alive.  Let us lift him up in prayer and if you are willing send him a card and prayerful wishes.  Cody J. Flora, National Naval Medical Center, 8901 Wisconsin Ave., Bethesda, Maryland 20889.
  • OTHER NEWS:  We have received a request from the “Webb Law Firm” has requested 30 soldiers names that the lawyers of this firm would like to adopt.  Didn’t we predict that this patriotic outreach would spread!!!!


Sirach 15: 15 - 20          1 Cor. 2: 6 – 10          Matt. 5: 17 - 37


$5,189.75 - February 6, 2011 – Offertory
$1,429.00 - Parish Upkeep & Maintenance
$1,495.80 - Super Bowl Hoagie Sale Profit
$   500.00 - Gold Rush #2 Profit

$  140.00 - Love Gift Donations (6)