This Week's Bulletin

Weekly news and announcements about Christ the Light of the World and St. Joseph Parishes.

Week of December 25



Christmas Eve - 4:00 pm [SJ] - John & Helen Cicak (Al & Miriam Adams)
Christmas Eve - 6:00 pm [HN] - Mattie Hoffman (daughter, Garnet)
Christmas Eve - 9:00 pm [HN] - Bess Stipetich/Eleanor Shroads (Garret & Carol Shroads)
Christmas Day - 8:30 am [SH] - Bruno Kruszka (Rhonda Evrard)
Christmas Day - 10:00 am [SJ] - Eileen Hagblom (John, Richard, Wendy, Nicole)


12:00 pm [HN] - No Mass


12:00 pm [HN] - No Mass


12:00 pm [HN] - No Mass


12:00 pm [SH] - No Mass


8:00 am [SJ] - No Mass

Next Saturday/Sunday

5:00 pm [HN] - Dorothy Medich (Marge Krasich)
9:00 am [SJ] - Barbara DeRosse, Micki & Paul (Pat & Jhon)
11:30 am [HN]  - Steve Palko (family)


December 31 - Saturday, 5:00 pm - Maura Brennan & Brittany Davis
January 1 - Sunday, 9:00 am - Justin Molanick & Josh Revak
January 1 - Sunday, 11:30 am - Lani & Jordan McCormick


  • New Weekend Mass Schedule:  begins next weekend, December 31/January 1 thru April 29 (Sat. 5:00 pm (Holy Name), Sun., 9:00 am (St. Joseph), Sun., 11:30 am (Holy Name.)  May thru August:  Sat. 5:00 pm (Holy Name), Sun. 8:30 am (St. Hedwig), Sun. 10: 00 am (Holy Name). 
  • New Times for CCD Classes:  Classes will resume on January 8 and classes will be held from 10:00 am to 11:15 am. This change was made in part so parents could go with their children to Mass, as well as fulfill their responsibility to provide a religious education. They can attend before or after CCD Classes.
  • New Way of Taking Up the Sunday Collection:  At the most recently held Joint Pastoral Council Meeting, Fr. Dennis suggested that we “just pass the collection basket once” at the weekend Masses.   Everyone can put all their envelopes in the one collection and we will sort it out as we normally do.  We will announce what the second envelope is for and then you can put in the one time the basket is passed.  Both parish Pastoral Councils unanimously agree with this suggestion.   This new procedure will begin next weekend, December 31/January 1.


We would like to thank the family of Irwin Pohelia, who at the time of his death asked that memorial donations be made in his name to Christ the Light of the World Parish.   We are grateful for the $210.00 in donations that we received.


We are happy to announce that Christ the Light of the World Parish is now on “Facebook.”  Checkout our page by searching “Christ the Light of the World” on Facebook or visit the parish website and “like” us using the button at the bottom.  This is a great way for us to stay connected as a parish community and up-to-date happenings in your parish.


The 2012 yearly calendars are available around the church for you to take.  However, the Mass schedule listed on the calendar is our old schedule.  There are labels printed with the new schedule to place over the old one.  They can be found near the calendars.  Take a label, peel off the back and place it on the area with the Mass schedule.  We would like to thank the Maloy-Schleifer and the Teichart-Gracan Funeral Homes for providing them for us.


Consider giving your parish a Christmas gift.  If you make it to our 2 for 1 challenge, it is a “gift that keeps on giving” since we get double what you give from our anonymous donor.  We all win!!


On behalf of the County’s “Resource Mothers Program”, I would like to thank you for your congregation’s generous gifts of baby items and food products.  Your commitment to helping our clients is greatly appreciated.  Each year, Resource Mothers continue to advance its mission in helping the Mon Yough area.  Through this program we have seen many lives change and mothers having safe and healthy babies.  Resource Mothers have had great success in the past year.  Our goal is to continue to support mothers and reduce infant mortality and morbidity. With help from supporters like you, we will continue to see improvements in the lives of the families we serve.     Sincerely, Renee Joiner, Program Manager

Dear Fr. Dennis:  Thank you so much for the many, many bags of food items, paper products, toys, bandaids, raisins, toothbrushes, light bulbs, art supplies, Kleenex that were donated to “Angels Place” by your wonderful parishioners. The bags just kept coming and we are in awe that so much was generously given.  The people of your parishes certainly understand the meaning of giving, and we don’t know how to put into words how much we are grateful for their kindness and thoughtfulness.  We thank you for such a tremendous undertaking.   Sincerely, Beth Banas, Senior Program Director


According to the expanded Diocesan Policy everyone who volunteers and ministers in the parish or any Diocesan institution must have clearances completed and attend a informational learning workshop on child sexual abuse.  We are trying to facilitate this process in an orderly manner as a “proactive” rather than a “reactive” approach.  In light of the recent Penn State situation and the recent accusations against our Bishop, I would think that everyone would be willing to protect themselves, the parish, your pastor and most especially anyone who has been victimized. We have had 85% completion and compliance from our ministers and volunteers.  Our goal is to have everyone compliant by the end of 2012. 

How to get compliant:

  • Pick up or ask us to send you the folder for you to fill out the necessary information.   On line participation:  if you choose you can do the paperwork “on line.”  If you have any questions, call or email the safe environment coordinator, her information is at the end of the announcement.
  • Attend the informational workshop:  The Diocese has been very cooperative in allowing us to sponsor them at our own parish, so you don’t have to travel far.   It will be held on Saturday, January 14, 2012 in Holy Name Hall beginning at 9 am.  To register, call Terry Fuller (412-469-0196) or email
  • Questions:  You can contact our parish safe environment coordinator, Colleen Whitney (412-461-8318) or at (


Is. 52: 7 - 10            Hebs. 1: 1 - 6                John 1: 1 - 18


$ 5,077.05 - December 18, 2011 Offertory
$    130.00 - St. Hedwig Furnace Donations Received This Week ($14,700.00 total so far)
$    370.00 - Love Gift Donations (8)


The second collection on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day will be for Children & Youth Charities. Any mount given to this collection is credited to our Parish Share Goal.


Next week's second envelope will be for Parish Upkeep and Maintenance.