Religious Education (CCD)

Religious Education

 Merry Christmas from Religious Education... Thanks for the Bibles   

Merry Christmas from Religious Education... Thanks for the Bibles


Christ the Light of the World/St. Joseph Parish CCD Program

The mission of Christ the Light of the World & St. Joseph Religious Education Program is to deepen in our children their awareness and understanding of God’s loving presence in their lives and to strengthen in them the Christian message of justice and love.

The Christ the Light of the World/St. Joseph Parish CCD Program is under the direction of Donna Lew-Buechel, Director of Religious Education and Safe Environment Coordinator. If you have any questions or need to contact her, please send an email to

CCD Class is held for ALL GRADES every other week on Sunday mornings from 9:30 am to 11:15 am. Please download the complete schedule for reference throughout the year.

In the Diocese of Pittsburgh Grades 1st – 8th are mandatory Religious Education years for public school children. Kindergarten is optional and can or cannot be offered under the guidelines of the Diocese of Pittsburgh. Depending on the number of students who register for Kindergarten will determine if a separate Kindergarten class will be offered.

Our program focuses on:

  • Helping and supporting parents in developing the faith-life of their children.
  • Presenting clear concepts of our Catholic faith and doctrine.
  • Celebrating our faith through class and community liturgies.
  • Imparting an awareness and understanding of Sacred Scripture and its significance on
  • Christian living.
  • Reinforcing, nurturing and strengthening Christian values.
  • Working with parents in preparing children for meaningful reception of the Eucharist, Reconciliation, and Confirmation.

In order to assist parents in their roles as the primary religious educators of their children catechesis is offered through formal and informal classroom experiences, based on the Diocesan Graded Course of Study.  The purpose of our program is to foster growth toward a mature Catholic faith.  This is to be accomplished by transmitting the Christian message, forming a faith community, service to others, and providing opportunities for worship. This is supported through the study of Scripture, liturgy, doctrine, history, and through the life experiences of the parent and student.

Weekly Mass attendance is one of the most important components of a child’s Faith Formation.  In addition to Sunday Mass, there are some other Faith Formation Requirements.  Program requirements are:

  • Good classroom attendance
  • Make-up Work completed and submitted for any missed classes
  • Diocesan Personal Safety Curriculum (Grades 1-4) or Catholic Vision of Love (Grades 5-8)
  • Advent and Lent Reconciliation during designated class session
  • Retreats, Days of Reflection, and possible service activities

By Diocesan policy, “Students with inconsistent attendance or chronic absenteeism will not be permitted to progress to the next level unless sufficient catechetical formation appropriate to that grade level is demonstrated to those responsible for catechesis in the parish.” A history of incomplete years for a student is a cause for concern especially leading up to and including Sacramental Preparation years and will require additional work to make sure the student is fully prepared.  If such a situation occurs, the options will be discussed and reviewed with the parents/guardians.

Any donation you would like to include to Christ the Light of the World & St. Joseph Religious Education Program to help defray the increasing costs of books and materials would be so greatly appreciated.