Christ the Light of the World Parish is fortunate to have the dedicated assistance of many lay persons who volunteer their time through our many ministries. Here you will find a description about each one. If you are interested in participating in any of our ministries, please contact us.

Please be aware that it is Diocesan policy that ALL volunteers complete the Safe Environment Process before they begin volunteering. There are several reasons why the dioceses requires volunteers to go through the process. 1) Children who come to church see volunteers serving at Mass and other functions assume because we are from "Church" we must be safe. That goes for even when they see us around town. In that light, it is our responsibility to do what we can to make sure that children are protected. 2) If a Child Abuser knows we ALL band together and get our clearances, we don't leave an opening that he/she can slip through. 3) The Child Abuse education we receive helps us to not only create a safe environment for children at our parish, but recognize signs of abuse and the grooming process Child Abusers use.

The Safe Environment Process includes the following:

  1. Filling out a Volunteer Application (Similar to a job application) Once submitted automatically produces the State Police Clearance
  2. Child Abuse Clearance
  3. Code of Pastoral Conduct Booklet (Read, Sign & Return the last page)
  4. Child Protective Services Law Booklet (Read, Sign & Return the last page)
  5. Sign the FBI Waiver
  6. Protecting God's Children Workshop

Contact Donna Lew-Buechel Safe Environment Coordinator, at to get started.

Music Ministry

The music ministry serves Christ the Light of the World Parish as well as St. Joseph Parish. We are fortunate to be able to enjoy the talents of the choir members along with Debbie Walters, Ray Judy and Greg Lesko. Song is well integrated into the overall celebration and corresponds to the meaning of the mystery being celebrated and the liturgical season.

Lay Liturgical Ministries

Greeters, Altar Servers, Lectors, Eucharistic Ministers

Educational Life

  • Christian Initiation - for those studying to become Catholic or to be fully initiated into the church
  • CCD Instruction - provides religious instruction for children K thru 8
  • Adult Bible Study - meets every Thursday to study God's word
  • Marriage preparation - married couples share experiences with engaged couples preparing for marriage

Temporal Life

  • Care of Physical Plant - Includes two church buildings, four other buildings, two cemeteries
  • Fundraising - dinners and other events through the year

Caring Ministry

Multi-faceted caring group visits parishioners in nursing homes and hospitals. Reach-out to home-bound elderly.

AIDS Care Team

This group serves the needs of clients living with HIV/AIDS.

Adult Children Caring for Aging Parents Support Group

A group providing monthly support for adults caring for aging parents. Usually meets the last Monday of every month at 7:00 pm in Holy Name Hall. Check the bulletin or events calendar for exact time and date.

Brown Bag Reach-Out

During the holiday season the parishioners fill brown bags for the homeless, imprisoned, unwed mothers, etc.

Community Outreach

From time to time as needs arise parishioners are advised of opportunities to reach out to others in need.