From the Pastor's Desk

Weekly thoughts and announcements from our Pastor, Fr. Tom Lewandowski.

"On Mission" Update

On Thursday, April 27, there was a District Meeting for all the Parishes from Duquesne to Munhall. There is some new information from that meeting that I would like to share with you:

  1. After a discussion with all the parishes in the District and collectively making a proposal to the Bishop and Diocesan On Mission Commission, St. Agnes is now a part of our grouping. This means that our grouping consists of St. Agnes, Holy Trinity, St. Joseph, and Christ the Light of the World.
  2. The proposed model for this grouping consists of one campus (Meaning one Church and its surrounding property) and one priest.  Please remember that this is not the final model and there will be an opportunity for everyone to make suggestions and give feedback at a focus group meeting for all of the parishes in this grouping.
  3. Implementation of the process will be done in stages. January 2018: The Bishop will make a final decision about each grouping.  March 2018: All active priests in the entire Diocese will have their assignments announced at the same time, meaning assignments for 212 priests will be in the Pittsburgh Catholic.  Some priest assignments will remain the same and some will change. The Clergy Office of the Diocese will be conducting one-on-one interviews with all the priests from September to November.
  4. Each grouping of parishes will be assigned to a category depending on the situation of the grouping, meaning demographics, ministry needs, and finances. In addition, using all of the information compiled about the grouping, a specific “Blueprint” will be designed with a timeline for goals to be met. The goals and timeline will be determined with consultation from the new Pastor, Parish Leadership, and Parish members.
  5. The focus group meeting mentioned earlier will take place at the Holy Trinity Parish Hall (date will be announced shortly). This meeting will be everyone’s opportunity to express opinions, suggestions, and feedback on the new grouping and supply input for the future “blueprint”.  Attending this meeting is very critical and crucial for sharing your input regarding our grouping.  Please make it a point to attend.  For further information about the “On Mission” process, please go to the On Mission web site at