From the Pastor's Desk

Weekly thoughts and announcements from our Pastor, Fr. Tom Lewandowski.

The Real Crisis

Right now, the whole world is in crisis.  And crisis is not a bad thing.  It is true that the crisis causes us suffering, but we—and first and foremost, all you young people—must know how to interpret the crisis.  What does this crisis mean? What must I do to help us to come through the crisis?  The crisis we are experiencing at this time is a human crisis.  People say: it is an economic crisis; it is a crisis of work.  Yes, that’s true.  But why?  This work problem, this problem in the economy, is a consequence of the great human problem.  What is in crisis is the value of the human person, and we must defend the human person…

Today the person counts for nothing; it is coins, it is money that counts.  And Jesus, God, gave the world, the whole creation, to the person, to men and women, that they might care for it; He did not give it to money.  It is a crisis; the person is in a crisis because today—listen carefully, it is true—the person is a slave!  We must liberate ourselves from these economic and social structures that enslave us.  This is your duty. — “Pope Francis Speaks to Our Hearts: Words of Challenge and Hope”