From the Pastor's Desk

Weekly thoughts and announcements from our Pastor, Fr. Tom Lewandowski.

Our “Famalee” Bond

My Dear Faith “Famalee”,

I am approaching a very special milestone of the gift of Priesthood. On Wednesday, June 24, I will be celebrating and prayerfully reflecting upon the 15th anniversary of being ordained a priest.  It means soooooo much that I am able to celebrate, remember, and mark this milestone with all of you as you supported, encouraged, taught me, and formed me along with Fr. Dennis to say “Amen” to God and “live up” to the call of baptism. This is our “famalee” bond based on the Love and Life that we share in God and what an awesome gift it is!  How sweet it is!  (For those of you who have greater wisdom of age, do you remember who said this remark all the time? LOL!) It has been terrific living this bond which is sooooo much alive in my heart in all the places where I have served. It is so great being able to continue to live this bond with you serving you as Priest and Pastor. God has brought everything around in his goodness and love for all of us. May we continue to journey together in our “famalee” bond of love for God and celebrate the milestones of our faith community TOGETHER, as this is not just my milestone, but OUR milestone because of our “famalee” bond of love for each other in God.  THANKS MUCH FOR EVERYTHING…..YESTERDAY…..TODAY…..TOMORROW……..With heartfelt love and gratitude to all…. Fr. Tom