From the Pastor's Desk

Weekly thoughts and announcements from our Pastor, Fr. Tom Lewandowski.

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On Monday, April 13, I met with Bishop Zubik at 1:00 PM.  At that meeting, Bishop Zubik appointed me as Pastor of Christ the Light of the World and St. Joseph Parishes in Duquesne effective immediately.  What a joyful moment for me as a priest to work with the faith family who assisted me to become a priest!!!!  You have always been a very important treasure in my heart and the spirit of all of you has always been with me no matter where I was assigned to serve as a priest.  This spirit of all of you was something that guided me in service as a priest in the parishes where I have served thus far because your inspiration as a community of faith is something that I shared in and was a part of when I was here as a member of “pewland”. You are such a tremendous gift because of the powerful example of your witness!!!!  Your love and life in God is what makes us vibrant and alive.  This is why “something good is happening in Duquesne”.  “Duquesne Nation” is all around and everywhere.  TOGETHER,  sharing our love for God with each other and everyone around us,  may we continue to move forward together with the guidance of Fr. Dennis as he prays for us at the heavenly banquet.  I am very grateful to God, to all of you, and to Bishop Zubik for receiving this awesome treasure and gift of “YOU”!  May we together see this part of our faith journey which we are beginning as life in God truly living as joy-filled “Easter People”!!!!   With love and thanks, Fr. Tom