From the Pastor's Desk

Weekly thoughts and announcements from our Pastor, Fr. Tom Lewandowski.

We Remember Our Deceased Loved Ones

This weekend, we have the sacred and awesome responsibility to remember and pray for all of our deceased loved ones who have died.  In a special way, we remember those who have died from our parishes since last All Souls Day, 2014 with a “Ritual of Remembrance.”  We also pray for those left behind and who are mourning and grieving in some way.

We remember those buried from Christ the Light of the World Parish
(Holy Name Church & St. Hedwig Church) 

Ronald Lengyel, David Ferency, Mary Burda, Edward Dynoske, Nicholas Teck Jr., Shelley Marie Florian, John McKeever, Andrea Teoli, Edna Gavlik, Janet Brodzinski, Mary Ann Powers, Michael Petrozza, Stephen Gonos, Valerie Dzurikanin, Dolores Scalise, Virginia Yuhas, Debra McCrea Seropian, Dolores Werntges, Helen Ando, John Lang, Lois Kruszewski, Leonard Evagues Sr., Paul Bogacik, Thomas Dearer, Anna Gryak, Louise Krasman, Alexander Rozgonyi, Fr. Dennis Colamarino, Margaret O’Keson, Gloria Rodgers, Irene Klacik, Dorothy Vilinski, Denise Gaskins, James Ford, Richard Ruhl, Helen Anastas, Katherine Gorscak, Roy Grimes, Ellen Yurich, Valerie Balavage, Valerie Balavage, Agnes Cerpani, Brandi Collins, Carole Ann Carr, Victor Kowalski, Craig Dewalt, Richard Gorda, Helen Wahly, Isabelle Kwiatkowski, Janet Lee Renshaw, and Lillian Kubasak.

We remember those buried from St. Joseph Parish 

Stephanie Janus, Fr. David Schorr, Cecilia Larson, Carl Janusek, Gerald Mihalsky, Alexander Findrick Jr., Andrew Dubyak, Dorothy Dittman, Catherine Prosser, Anna Artim, Frances Perichak, Doris Rinkacs, Gertrude Pomay, Margaret Krasich, Margaret Noll, Anne Shimkus, Barbara Anne Dorcak, and Steve Novosel.