From the Pastor's Desk

Weekly thoughts and announcements from our Pastor, Fr. Tom Lewandowski.

Listen to Your Inner Voice

Our inner voice, that quiet guide within, will lead us along our path, will help us create our destiny,will keep us in harmony.  So much stress comes from not listening, not trusting our inner voice.  So much confusion comes from trying to act before we have heard, before we are guided.  So much pain comes when we deny what that voice is saying, when we try to run from it or make it go away. We wonder how we can trust ourselves.  The better question is: How can we not trust ourselves?

Our rage, anger, and most bitter resentments occur when we trust others rather than ourselves.  Yes, sometimes promptings come from outside ourselves.  The universe is alive, magical, responsive, and will guide us on our way. But the answer must always resonate, must always ultimately come from that place within: our heart, our soul, our inner voice. Sometimes, we need to listen to others until we become impassioned enough to hear and trust others.

Our best work, our finest moments, our joy happens when we’re centered, listening to and trusting others, allowing our hearts and souls to guide us.  This happens when we allow ourselves to fully and completely be who we are.  Melodie Beattie