From the Pastor's Desk

Weekly thoughts and announcements from our Pastor, Fr. Tom Lewandowski.

Capital Campaign Begins!

This weekend is the “official” kickoff of our participation in the “Capital Campaign –The Church Alive” as initiated by Bishop Zubik and required participation by all the parishes in the Diocese of Pittsburgh.  The goal of this campaign is to provide funding for needed Diocesan programs, as well as help each parish secure monies for needed projects.  From the monies donated the Diocese will get 60% and the parish, 40%.   Participation packets and invitations are being mailed  to all parishioners this week.  Please read the information and decide how you might want to participate.

Our Targets:  each of our parishes was given a specific target to shoot for based on offertory collections of the last three years. Christ the Light of the World Target is $445,000.00 and St. Joseph’s target is $195,000.00.

Use of our monies:  each pastor was to identify needed projects for their parish. For Christ the Light of the World, I identified:

  1. pay for the elevator in the rectory, so I am able to stay here with my physical condition.
  2. replace the organ consol in Holy Name Church which is 65 years old and literally falling apart.
  3. Put aside the  rest of  the monies for replacement of the 30 year old roof on Holy Name Church.

For St. Joseph, I identified:

  1. refurbishing two stained glass windows in St. Joseph Church, which are in danger of falling in due to deterioration.
  2. pay down the remaining $68,000.00 debt to the Diocese.

How you can help:  You can make a pledge or an outright gift that you feel you are able to make.  In some cases, the Diocese suggested “target gifts” but only you know what you can afford.  The pledge can be for 5 years (if your circumstance change, you are not bound by that commitment.) Prayerfully consider your gift; fill out the pledge card; mail it to the rectory, drop it off or in the collection by April 20. Since I want to lead by example, I am making a 5 year pledge commitment in honor and thanks to all of you who care for me and love me during this difficult time.

Food for thought:  As in the past, just think if one person donates the full amount; or two donate half or so many donate $50.00 a month or $25.00 a month, we would hit the goals of both parishes.

Other News:

  1. Since we are doing this campaign, the usual Parish Share Programs will start in May.
  2. Each week, there will be a “Capital Campaign Update” as a reminder and to see how we are doing.
  3. ALREADY, CLW has received $11,375.00 and St. Joseph has received $1,625.00 from parishioners & non–parishioners.