From the Pastor's Desk

Weekly thoughts and announcements from our Pastor, Fr. Tom Lewandowski.

The Power of Loving Yourself!

Sometimes it’s hard to trust life with all of its sudden twists, turns and storms.  When something unexpected or painful happens, when we become blocked or frustrated, when life takes a different course that we hoped it would, it’s easy to stop trusting the flow of our lives.  I didn’t ask for this.  It’s not fair. I don’t want this, we think.  This road isn’t leading anywhere; at least nowhere I want to go.  Often, when we feel life has turned on us, we respond by turning on ourselves. But turning on ourselves doesn’t help.  In fact, it can compound the situation.  It can prevent us from hearing and acting of the very guidance that will lead us through, get us through, and take us to the next place.  It can prevent us from hearing our heart.

Keep loving yourself, and taking care of yourself, no matter what – through storms, the twists and turns and the blocks. Take a moment, breathe deep, restore yourself to that sacred place of self-love and self-responsibility.  Feel all your feelings.  Then let them go.  Love yourself until you can hear your heart and what it tells you to do.  Love yourself until you find the courage to act on that guidance.  Loving yourself is a powerful tool, a powerful force for change.  It can reconnect you to creativity to universal love, to the best possible flow of events within your life. It can and will connect you to the beauty of life.  There is a trustworthy road through whatever life brings. Loving yourself will help you find it.