From the Pastor's Desk

Weekly thoughts and announcements from our Pastor, Fr. Tom Lewandowski.

Yearly Financial Report (2013-2014)

We are presenting to all of our parishioners the yearly financial report as required of all parishes by Diocesan Statutes. 

We would like to thank everyone who supports our churches and our parishes with their monetary donations.  As you can readily see, we have a very small window of operation between our income and expenses.  That is why it is vital for everyone to support our fundraisers during the year, which help with our income. Also, we have noticed a slight bump in our weekly offertory collections.  Hopefully, this is due to a response to the letter to increase your church offerings, which will help offset the anticipated expenses this coming year.





 Operating Income
Collections at Offertory $294.769.27
  Donations and Bequests 15,130.15
  General Fundraising 29,177.91
  Investment Income 7,510.00
  Other Operating Income 3,321.00
  Total Operating Income 349,908.33
Operating Expense: Liturgical Expense $ 35,862.38
  Administration Expense 131,933.45
  Operation & Maintenance Expense 144,612.93
  Rectory Expense 38,156.34
  Property & Liability Insurance 73,588.20
  Religious Educaiton Program (297.97)
  Adult Education Program (355.06)
  Social Activities 1,628.85
  School Subsidy Expense 26,655.00
  Total Operating Expense 451,794.12
Net Operating (Deficit) (101,855.79)
Total Non-Operating Receipts/Disbursements 107.991.56
Cash Surplus 6,105.77
Beginning Cash Balance 426.65
Ending Cash Balance 6,532.42