From the Pastor's Desk

Weekly thoughts and announcements from our Pastor, Fr. Tom Lewandowski.

Time Flies!

Time never challenged the American Indian or worked against him.  Time was for silently marking the passing of the seasons.  Time was a thing to be enjoyed.  Tim Giago

We have a choice as to how we view the passage of time.  We can look at it as a gift to be enjoyed, marking the transitions and cycles of life. Or we can think of time as a long, thin string of pressures and frustrations – specific minutes and hours that we try to speed up or slow down. Our relationship to time is a very important part of healthy living.

We learn to live in the present, one day at a time. We let go of the past. The future we place in trust to our God. Time doesn’t work against us or challenge us, it just flows. This day need not be painless or close to paradise for us to live in the present moment. Be aware of our lives without struggling against time, make the day rich and full of meaning.

Today, rather than wrestling with time, I will be aware of my experiences and let time flow.  Touchstones