From the Pastor's Desk

Weekly thoughts and announcements from our Pastor, Fr. Tom Lewandowski.

Make the World a Better Place!

A person  has made at least a start on discovering the meaning of human life when he plants shade trees under which he knows full well he will never sit.  - D. Elton Trueblood

Our lives are enriched by the contributions of those who lived before us.  Many men and women gave more than they ever took from society, and now we enjoy the rewards. Some people were fired with a spirit to beautify the world and planted trees that will live for 200 years.  Others wrote music that speaks to us from another generation, and others established a government that guides our principles of justice. They gave so much  because the knew they were part of their community and the world.

Most of us cannot make great contributions that will make us famous, but we enrich our lives when we contribute freely to improving our community,  our church, our world.  We do that when we simply say “hello” to our neighbor, when we volunteer our service or our time to our community of church and when we work a program of self-help or self-improvement. We too have beautified and  contributed to the world, and that gives us a feeling of peace and self-respect.

Today, I will appreciate all that comes freely to me from others, and I will give what I can to make the world a better place. - Touchstones