From the Pastor's Desk

Weekly thoughts and announcements from our Pastor, Fr. Tom Lewandowski.

Good Words to Live By!

During my life’s journey on this planet, I shall start each day with these affirmations:  I am capable.  I am worthwhile.  I am beautiful. I am lovable.  I shall accept both my strengths and weaknesses, for they are mine.  I shall never again believe the “lie” that if I make a mistake, I am a mistake.  My mistakes are the learning tools that I shall encounter on my life’s journey.  When I learn from my mistakes, I give them meaning.  When I give my mistakes meaning, I can begin to forgive myself.  I can begin to heal.  I shall not use mistakes as excuses to give up on me, my mistakes are not me.

I shall seek the wisdom to nurture my heart, mind, body and soul that I may feel centered; providing an energy reserve that allows me to climb the mountains of my own life; providing an energy reserve that allows me to love and support others who are climbing a different mountain; providing an energy reserve that allows time for friends, play and the celebration of life. Anonymous