From the Pastor's Desk

Weekly thoughts and announcements from our Pastor, Fr. Tom Lewandowski.

Blessing for a Holy & Happy Home

May God bless this place, let it be a home not just a house, where holiness abides and life is good.  Blessed be the bed where life is conceived and the body renewed; may we know tenderness and joy, and be restored by sleep, all through the goodness of God.  Blessed be the bath where all is washed clean and the body and spirit soothed; may we be refreshed to face the challenges of each new day or slough off the pains and challenges of life.  Blessed be the table where we share each other, as well as food; may the strange become a friend and friends be ever welcome. Blessed be the hearth, around which we gather to rest in silence or enjoy company; may we enjoy times that warm our hearts and set our souls ablaze with a desire for holy intimacy.  Blessed be the light that illuminates this home; may it help us to see the image of God in all who live here and in all who come here.  Blessed be the door; may it be open to all, and may it shut out cold and anger, discord, and whatever keeps us from peace.  Blessed be the walls and roof; may they protect those within, and may God’s holy abiding make it a shelter against the storms of life.  Blessed be the windows; may they be thrown open wide to encourage the breath of God’s Holy Spirit to flow through our waking and our sleeping, our loving and our doing.  May God bless this place, and make it a sacred home, not just a house – a place of peaceful and happy rest, cleansed of all that harms, warmed by love, and nourished by Christ.  May it be an everyday place where holiness abides and life is good. Ministry and Liturgy, May 2013