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Weekly thoughts and announcements from our Pastor, Fr. Tom Lewandowski.

Dancing God!

The Liturgical Season of Christmas draws to a close today.  I hope each of you were touched in some way through the liturgical celebrations of Advent and Christmas that you attended.  Maybe it was a word, or song, or music, or someone who came to church with you or sat near you that made you feel and know the presence of the God of the Incarnation more deeply in your heart and helped you feel attracted to the Joy of Christmas.  I would like to thank everyone who made the seasons bright with the Light of the Lord.  It is not just one person who makes it all happen and appear.  It is teamwork and cooperation for the good of our parishes among the people who participate in so many ways that allows us to put something very beautiful together in the churches of Duquesne and thus thrive and shine with the light and joy of the Lord.  Please find below this poem/prayer that I came across as we say “farewell” and close another liturgical season.

Dancing God, passionate leap of creative energy, skipping among the star, waltzing on the rivers, birthing a universe. Dancing God, tumbling from somewhere in Jewish territory, whirling Spirit seeding Mary’s womb with alluring divinity. Dancing God, uncontainable grandeur, kicking and rolling in Mary’s flesh while untamed cousin echoes the dance in cousin Elizabeth. Dancing God, spark of angel’s song, shepherd hurrying like whirling dervishes, gasping in awe at a surprising child. Dancing God, still passionate today, dynamic movements of love, wooing our hearts towards oneness and peace in a tear-stained world. Dancing, Passionate God, we are your dance now, teach us the tune, show us the steps. It is Christmas.  It is time to dance. Ave Maria Press – Joyce Rupp