From the Pastor's Desk

Weekly thoughts and announcements from our Pastor, Fr. Tom Lewandowski.

Making Our Way

We are each traveling our own very special path in life.  At times our paths run parallel to each other.  On occasion, they may intersect.  But we all have a common destination; knowledge of life’s meaning. And we’ll arrive at knowledge when we’ve arrived at the mountain’s summit, separately yet together.

We do not go straight up the mountain on this trip. We circle it, slowly, carefully, sometimes losing our footing, sometimes backtracking because we have reached an impasse.  Many times we have stumbled, but as we grow in understanding, as we rely more and more on our inner strength, available for the taking, we become more sure-footed. We have never needed to take any steps alone on this trip.  Our troubles in the past were complicated because we did not know this; but now we do.  Our lifeline is to God. If we hang on to it, every step of the way we will feel secure.  The ground will be stable for us.  I am on a path of full understanding.  I am learning to trust the lifeline offered by God and my friends.  As I learn, my footing is less tentative, and supports me more securely.  Each Day a New Beginning – Casey