From the Pastor's Desk

Weekly thoughts and announcements from our Pastor, Fr. Tom Lewandowski.

Holding Patterns!

Many times God will allow a painful experience in our life to “swallow us up.” We can’t move.  All we can do is sit so God can have our undivided attention and speak to us.  God put us there because He needs to speak to our heart. When we are deep down in the midst of a difficult situation, God can talk to us. When He has our attention, He can show us things   that we might not have otherwise seen.

A Few of God’s Holding Patterns: When you are sick in your physical body and you have prayed, but God has not healed you yet, you are in a holding pattern.  When you are having problems with your children and you have put them in God’s hands, but God has not delivered them yet, you are in a holding pattern.  When you have been praying for a loved one and things haven’t gotten better for them, you are in a holding pattern.  When you are in a broken relationship and you have given it over to God, but it has not been resolved yet, you are in a holding pattern.  When doors slam shut before you knock on them, you are in a holding pattern.

All you can do is sit, think, meditate, and pray.  We cannot run from God because there are no mountains high enough, valleys that are low enough, rivers that are wide enough, rooms that are dark enough or places that are hidden enough from Him.  Stop struggling and start listening, praying and trusting.  He’ll keep you where you are until you clearly hear Him say, “I love you.”