From the Pastor's Desk

Weekly thoughts and announcements from our Pastor, Fr. Tom Lewandowski.

The Season of Easter - Celebrate It!

Be an Easter Light!!  Only you are you – You are unique!!  No one is like you.  You have a unique approach and personality, different from everyone else.  No one has had the experiences, the struggles, the joys and sorrows that you have had.  No one is in the same place or job as you are.  No one is a part of your family in the same position and way as you are.  No one interacts with others as you do.  No one encounters all those around you as you do.  No one is able to be present to others in the same times and ways as you.  No one is able to serve, inspire, encourage, or challenge in holy ways those around you as you do.

Since you are special, you are called to be a light to those people who only you can touch in ways that are unique.  God places people in your family, in your places of words and commerce, in the many occasions of your life, and throughout your whole existence on earth, that He does not place in the exact same ways and time in the lives of any other person. Please make good use of all the time you have been given.  In one lifetime, you have the power to affect good for many generations or even until the end of time.  It is an awesome responsibility to know this is true and to pass it on to the children and everyone around you, who then have a choice of passing it on to future generations.  This is the power you have in your hands.  Be an Easter light to others as they are often placed in your path to be a light to you.

Come Risen Lord, and fill us with your love, light and  joy so that we may be perfected in you and all that is in you may perfect us and bring about a long and lasting change in our hearts.