From the Pastor's Desk

Weekly thoughts and announcements from our Pastor, Fr. Tom Lewandowski.

Thankful for Easter Blessings!

As I receive emails, notes and calls giving accolades about the spiritual and liturgical rituals and opportunities during the Lent/Holy Week/Easter Seasons, I can’t help but acknowledge everyone who makes it happen and helps make it so special. To the casual observer, as you go to and from Mass each week, you might not realize that there is lots of planning and behind the scenes work that goes on to make things happen seamlessly and be executed usually without a hitch.  There are dozens of people who have some part in making our liturgical season so meaningful and beautiful. 

THANKS:  …to the music ministry and choir who meet weekly to practice and be one of the pieces that enhance our liturgies……to the liturgical ministers – servers, readers, Eucharistic ministers, greeters/ushers who show up, take their ministry seriously and who perform their tasks prayerfully and with dignity….to the guys who clean up, straighten up, pick up, mop up and put up with my directions as we make the changes for each season and who make the churches sparkling all year long… the people who come just to help carry the flowers, decorations, stands, etc each year to prepare the altar areas….to those who come to take my direction as to placement of the flowers, etc which allow me to set the scenes… those who make the outside grounds inviting and welcoming for our parishioners and guests. 

These tasks are multiplied by three, since we have 3 churches to get ready.  All are uniquely beautiful in their own way. This team work makes it all happen in an orderly and organized way.  Because of you our churches are filled and people have a good and meaningful experience of church……………to all of you THANKS: Fr. Dennis