From the Pastor's Desk

Weekly thoughts and announcements from our Pastor, Fr. Tom Lewandowski.

Parish Share Program 2012 Begins!

The Annual 2012 Parish Share program is in operation.  Invitations to participate have been sent out.  We are hoping that you will consider making a donation to help us meet this goal.  Our assessment this year based on 17.6% of our total assessable income from last year is $58,628.00.  This is a significant increase over last year which indicates that more money is coming into the parish.  Last year however, we fell short of our goal by $5,651.00 and had to take that balance out of our parish savings.  If everyone participates, I am confident that we can hit our goal. 

Questions & Concerns:

Some people have asked if we benefit from these PSP monies.  The answer is “yes.”  These monies help subsidize Catholic Charities which provides services to many of our families in need, as well as having helped our priest friends,  Fr. Tom Burke, Fr. Steve Kresak, Fr. Tom Lewandowski, Fr. John McKenna with their seminary education.

What more can I do?   There are several ways besides making a donation that you can do.  Many parishioner instead of contributing to “out of parish” second envelopes have used their “extra Parish Share envelope.”  In the first six months since we have initiated this envelope we collected over $5,000.00 in extra non-taxable parish share monies.

You may make an outright donation or extend a balance over 10 months.  Every donation no matter how great or small is welcomed and appreciated.   Food for thought:  We received our first donation this week for $1,000.00.   If 57 more people give this size of a donation, we will hit our goal and the rest of the monies can stay in the parish tax free.