From the Pastor's Desk

Weekly thoughts and announcements from our Pastor, Fr. Tom Lewandowski.

Lent 2012 - Coming Alive Again!

The Season of Lent begins and our theme “Coming Alive Again” invites us to participate in the spiritual journey of conversion, transformation and new life.  Lent challenges us to rid ourselves of those things that have kept us spiritually dead.  It is time to grow, experience new life, and allow the penetrating light of Christ to draw us to come alive again…..


Colored Prayer Cards: Each week you will be able to take home a colored meditation card to help make the week meaningful and reflective on what we do in church as well as your home and workplace.

Plastic Prayer Tag: These are designed to be carried with you to help you pay attention to the presence of Jesus, especially when things get stressful, hectic and anxiety filled.  This one is entitled, “Solitude of the Heart.”

Spiritual Readings:  For adults, we have “The Word Among Us,” “Little Black Books,” and “Becoming Healers for Jesus (daily reflection, activities and prayers).”  For children, we have “Little Purple Books.”

Celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation:  To be held after all the weekend Masses on March 24/25.  We will celebrate communally in a guilt free, non-judgmental way.   The format will be the same as the last couple of years.


Reachout to our Shut-ins:  Attached to the bulletin is a listing of our shut-ins (nursing home, personal care home, assisted living facility & home-centered elderly residents.) You are asked to write to them (a card or letter) during Lent/Easter.  We want them to still feel connected to the parish, that they are not forgotten and always remembered.

Feed the Hungry (with dignity and ease): This year, instead of asking for food items, etc., we are simply asking you to donate food gift cards.  This way everyone young and old can participate, without the worry of having to carry bags to church. This will allow those who receive to have the dignity to buy what they want and those giving to drop the cards in the collection or mail to the rectory.  Mark the envelope “feed the hungry.”

Coin Collection:  Begin saving your loose coins for the offering for the poor to be given at our Holy Thursday Ministry of Service.