From the Pastor's Desk

Weekly thoughts and announcements from our Pastor, Fr. Tom Lewandowski.

A Second Set of 10 Commandments!

1. Focus on people’s good points.  Tell all with who you come in contact, the good things you see in them.  2. Develop a positive approach to life.  Compliment more than you criticize.  3. Build a climate of trust and support in all your relationships.  Cooperate with others instead of competing with them.  4. Use gentle, loving respectful language in dealing with others.  They won’t hear your words if they’re too busy dodging your sharp tongue.  5. Take a genuine interest in the work and activities of others.  Make a point to ask about a new project.  6. Listen patiently with your heart, when others are talking.  It’s Christ-like to put aside one’s own interests for the love one another.  7. Learn how to refuse with a smile. If you have to say “no” to something, do it respectfully.  8.  Put the devil of jealousy far behind you.  Deal with your personal insecurities in some other ways, but don’t put others down to make yourself look better.  9. Be loyal.  Never allow yourself to tear down the kingdom of God by destructive, behind the back criticism of others.  10. Do the extra little things that are nobody’s job.  Be generous in volunteering – especially for jobs for which there is no great reward.
Bob Zyskowski, reprinted with permission – “Generations.”