From the Pastor's Desk

Weekly thoughts and announcements from our Pastor, Fr. Tom Lewandowski.

Make It a Labor of Love

The things we create have energy.  A meal we cook.  A task we perform, no matter how big or small.  What we do contains our energy and the attitude we put into it.  Have you ever cooked a meal when you felt angry, disrupted or hurried? Have you noticed the difference when you cooked that meal in a loving frame of mind? Merely doing the job isn’t always enough.  We need to do the job with our best energy, our most positive emotional and mental attitude.

Take time before you begin a task to become conscious of the energy you want to put into it, the energy you want that task to have and reflect to yourself and others.  Make conscious, deliberate choices.  The larger the task, the more time you may want to spend developing your ideas about it.  On particularly significant projects, you may want to spend time visualizing and writing down your ideas, so you can focus that energy into your work.  Experiment with this idea. See how it comes to life as you do your daily tasks.  See how much better the people around you feel when you do your task in love.  See how much more joy and pleasure work brings you.

There is honor in all work, in all tasks, but take it one step further.  Make what you do a labor of love.  Then your work will truly touch and change the world in the way you desire.  The work you do, whatever your chosen field, will be a work that heals.  

Melodie Beattie