From the Pastor's Desk

Weekly thoughts and announcements from our Pastor, Fr. Tom Lewandowski.

Duquesne Churches...under siege!

To the casual observer and weekly or occasional churchgoer or member of one of our parishes, it would seem that all is well in all three of our church buildings.  The inside of the churches are clean and beautiful; the liturgies are prayer and meaningful, BUT upon closer inspection and over the last six (6) weeks all of our buildings (Holy Name Church, St. Hedwig Church & St. Joseph Church) all have had some close catastrophic issues that are in need of immediate attention. I wanted to give all the parishioners of both of our parishes the information needed to be informed about what exactly is going on and how the problems are being addressed and hopefully what you can do to help remedy these situations.

Christ the Light of the World Parish – HOLY NAME CHURCHOver the past several years, every time there is an event in the hall the sewer backs up.  We were able to put a camera in the system and found the 120 year old sewer was broken and leeching under the ramp into the hall.  The ramp was dug up, the sewer system replaced and concrete poured.

The old flooring tile was lifting and the carpet worn out.  The 3,100 square feet was lifted and replace with a new epoxy floor which should realize savings in the long term due to the fact that maintenance will be less and the $1,000.00 we spent every time the carpet was cleaned will cease.   Also, the insulation above the ceiling had fallen on the light ballasts which could have resulted in a fire in the hall ceiling and church floor.  I had it immediately removed.

Christ the Light of the World Parish – ST. HEDWIG CHURCH: The furnace has corroded and needs to be replaced. This cost will be $45,000.00.  All parishioners will be sent a “survey form” this coming week to see how you want this issue to be addressed.  The surveys must be returned by October 3. I have devised a plan if you choose for the “2 for 1 challenge” monies to kick in to remedy this situation.

St. Joseph Parish – ST. JOSEPH HALL:  You have been made aware of the severe mold issue in the hall causing health, safety and structural concerns.  A restoration company “Boyer & Pentek” has been contacted and did an onsight inspection in order to give us a proposal to remedy the situation.  I told them I wanted a complete proposal submitted.   We have found the issues much greater than first realized.  There is black mold on the outside of the walls of the halls which is a clear indication that it is probably behind the paneling and mold spores growing on some of the equipment. They have also found at least four areas of water infiltration into the hall.  They will submit a complete proposal for work to be done.   The Diocesan Insurance Loss Control Inspector was here to inspect the hall and I am having the Diocesan Director for Property do an inspection this week.  They will give a written report and make recommendations.    Also, the metal roof over the sacristies has leaked causing the ceiling inside to collapse.  The insurance adjuster was here but it may not be covered by insurance and the seams on the metal roof have been re-soldered and flashing reattached.

What you can do: Hopefully, you will consider these and the continuing ongoing issues severe enough to merit an increase in your donations or make a sizeable one time donation to these issues.  These are issues that can’t be let go, they must be addressed.