From the Pastor's Desk

Weekly thoughts and announcements from our Pastor, Fr. Tom Lewandowski.

Lessons for Your Children

Parenting is a job with many different facets.  Some are very apparent.  We need to take care of our children’s physical and medical needs.  We feed and clothe them and provide them with shelter.  But what about the less obvious responsibilities?  As parents, it is also our job to pass our values on to our children.  Values are our basic belief system, “the rules” we live by. They help guide us, they help us in our decision making, they influence the way we relate to others. We aren’t born with values.

Parents are the first and foremost teachers of values.  Take some time and think about what is important to you, and what values do you want your children to live by.  Would you like them to be caring, honest, responsible, generous, thoughtful? Explain the significance of these values to your children, point out examples of everyday life, and most importantly, “practice what you preach.”  Your children are watching and listening to you.  They will learn from you.  Give them a good set of those “rules to live by.”  With any luck, they just might follow them. Melodi Janosko -counselor