From the Pastor's Desk

Weekly thoughts and announcements from our Pastor, Fr. Tom Lewandowski.

I Am Openhearted and Expansive

I am blessed with a hospitable heart.  I welcome new souls into my family of souls.  I open my heart to new companions. I am a field warm with the sun.  My grasses wave green and abundant.  As I welcome new life, my heart blossoms with new flowering.  New friendships, new experiences, new thoughts, ideals and insights come to me as I practice openhearted acceptance of life’s abundant gifts.  As my life expands in volume and velocity, I remind myself that God is the ground of my being.  All people and events are rooted in divine consciousness.  All unfold together for my greater good. 

Even as I welcome the new, I salute and release the old.  I allow people and events to pass from my sphere, wishing them well, wishing them love and fulfillment on their journey.  All that I have loved, I do love. My heart expands to allow greater and greater freedom to those whom it loves.  My heart blesses its beloved with the double gift of freedom and consciousness. Julia Cameron