From the Pastor's Desk

Weekly thoughts and announcements from our Pastor, Fr. Tom Lewandowski.

Befriend Fatigue!

Fatigue is our friend.  It is a friendly warning.  Like the early signals for serious disease, fatigue can be a friend if noticed. It is an enemy if not.  We befriend fatigue by stopping to admit is existence. We look it square in the eye and accept it’s permission to do less in our day.  “Less becomes more” is the strategy.  We see deeply enough into it now, and we experience now deeply enough, that we are not driving so hard for later and more and better.  We stop the hustle. We get off the merry-go-round. Our spirits captain our life – not our economic instructions.

8 Strategies to Befriend Fatigue:

1) Sabbath making.  Sunday is the separation of work from play.  It is not just play rather the conscious pause between notes that make music. We can make a “Sunday” in any day. 
2) Vacate. The true meaning of vacate is to empty.  A genuine day off each week or each month can be just the emptiness we need. We can give ourselves permission to vacate. 
3) Befriend Fatigue on the Job.  Take real lunch hours or genuine coffee breaks, or learn the art of a short nap. 
4) Keep the Beat.  Music is a Sunday all by itself. Listen to a favorite tape on the way to and from work or before sleeping. 
5) Live for the Body.  Our bodies get tired because of our spirits as much from physical exertion.  Learn what your body likes for exercise and do it. 
6) Learn to Pray.  Prayer is an obvious antidote from fatigue because it asks God to carry the weight with us.  Never eat or sleep without praying. 
7) Realize our times.  A social analysis of speed-up shows us why fatigue may not be just “our fault.”
8) One thing at a time. 
Any job, no matter how hard, can be done step by step, day by day. 

These eight strategies to befriend fatigue may not befriend your fatigue.  Some of our fatigue comes from genuine illness or long lasting depression or ongoing difficult or abusive relationships.  But most of it, in these times, comes from a certain “TOO MUCHNESS” in our lives.  Slow down to live; fatigue is our friend. It is offering and announcing our need for life.

SHARING OUR “”ABUNDANT BLESSINGS”:   This coming week, we will be mailing out to all of our parishioners the report from the “Diocesan Office for Pastoral Life and Lay Leadership.”  This report is a compilation of all the written comments that were generated at the Joint Parish Pastoral Council Meeting held on January 19.  The comments are very timely and necessary so that all the parishioners of both parishes will be informed and educated on the reasons for and the necessity for us joining together and becoming one parish.  As we move along on this path, it is vital that everyone be on the same page so as to prevent the spread of misinformation and untruths.  I am holding everyone personally responsible to be “on board” and educated.  Our target date of joining together is 22 months from now, January – 2013.