From the Pastor's Desk

Weekly thoughts and announcements from our Pastor, Fr. Tom Lewandowski.

Prepare to Celebrate!

Don’t Hurry!!!   Don’t worry and fuss what you are going to do about tomorrow, or how tomorrow’s answers will come. The way to get through a task, a day, a life is to stay in the present moment.  Racing, pushing, trying to force things forward doesn’t work.  Not anymore.  Hurrying will not speed up the process, or the journey.  In fact, if you race ahead of yourself, you may find you need to go back, return to the parts you skipped over, and go through it again fully present. Yes, there are times we need to press on, times we need to push a bit more. But hurrying won’t speed up the process. It will just keep you tense, out of step.  To speed up the process, we need to fully immerse ourselves in the moment and then focus our energy, our presence, our emotions, our thoughts and our heart.  Stay in the present moment.  Listen to your heart right now.  Be gently and loving with yourself right now.  Be open to the guidance all around you, right now, guidance that will make the present moment come alive.

If you stay in your heart, stay with yourself, stay in the present, tomorrow’s answers will come just as today’s did, naturally, gently and on time. ……………….Melodie Beattie