From the Pastor's Desk

Weekly thoughts and announcements from our Pastor, Fr. Tom Lewandowski.

A New Year Begins!

Prayer for a Thousand Years:  Praise to you God of all creation, throughout this tiny sphere of ours, this home of ours called Earth, spinning to make days and nights, tilted and circling the sun to make seasons.  Praise to you for our notion of numbers. We count the days for earth to circle its sun and we call it a year.  We bundle years into decades, decades into centuries, centuries into millennia, each a thousand circling years.  And so, God without beginning, we are in a second millennium since you sent Jesus, the word made flesh.  And we begin in another new year to count again.

We have so much to mourn – slavery, war, poverty, the Holocaust.  Give us tears to lament. We have great reason to rejoice – arts and sciences, human rights and holy people. Give us dance to exult.

God who one day will be all in all, for you a thousand years is like a single day. Good night! Good morning! Hold this planet and its people dear, as we spin and circle into new times.  Send into your church the Spirit of Jesus, for you so loved the world and would love it now and love it day by day till all earth’s years are bundled and all its people home.