From the Pastor's Desk

Weekly thoughts and announcements from our Pastor, Fr. Tom Lewandowski.

Prepare to Celebrate!

What to “give up” the week before Christmas.  Give up worries. Instead trust God with them.  Give up hatred or dislike of anyone.  Instead, learn to love.  Give up the fear that prevents Christian witness.  Instead, seek courage to speak your faith to others.  Give up spending too much time spending and shopping.  Instead, spend some quiet time to pause and reflect or read something spiritual.  Give up TV one night.  Instead visit someone who is lonely or sick.  Give up spending too much on those who have so much already.  Instead, give that money to someone in need.  Give up judging by appearances and by the standard of the world.  Instead, learn to accept people as they are, a child of God.  Give up grumbling.  Instead, give thanks.  Give up 10 to 15 minutes in bed.  Instead, use that time to pray.  Give up looking at other’s worst points.  Instead, concentrate on other’s best points.  Give up speaking unkindly.  Instead, let your speech be generous and understanding.