From the Pastor's Desk

Weekly thoughts and announcements from our Pastor, Fr. Tom Lewandowski.

Thanksgiving Brown Bag Reachout!

This weekend, we begin our annual “Thanksgiving Brown Bag Reachout.” Over the next few weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, you are invited to “Reachout with Gifts of Love.”  Every person or family is invited to take a “brown bag” as distributed around our churches.  Attached to each bag is a “color coded needs list” for a particular place identified. Buy as many items on the list as you wish. Put them in the bag and bring them back to church anytime up to and including Thanksgiving Day.  Put the bags in front of any of our 3 churches.  You may take more than one bag.  This project may be a great educational tool to teach your children to help others, especially those who are most needy.

We try to reach out to the places with the greatest need, especially those whom society often ignores and tosses aside as unlovable.  This year, we have 7 places to help.  The new one is Resource Mothers: provides resource, education and follows pregnant mothers from conception to birth, teaching life skills in the Duquesne, West Mifflin and Tri-Boro area.

Jubilee Soup Kitchen: Sister Ligouri Rossner operates this food kitchen to feed the hungry and homeless.  Angels Place: provides daycare for low income student moms, so they can be educated, productive parents.  Intersection: under the direction of 2 nuns, this facility ministers to the poor and homeless and provides weekly meals.  Michaels Place:  St. Vincent De Paul provides transitional living and assistance for motivated men who want to lead a clean, sober and responsible life after prison.  Healthy Start House:  gives women and children the chance to start a healthy life.  Gateway Braddock:  provides service to those coming from prison to transition to a work and home environment.

THANKSGIVING REACHOUT:  You can make a monetary donation to help a needy family of our parish for Thanksgiving.  Drop it in the collection or mail to the rectory.  Mark the envelope, “Reachout.”

CANS OF COINSStart saving your loose coins/change for our traditional “coin offering” at our Thanksgiving Liturgy which helps needy families.  This is another great way to teach your children about charitable giving.