From the Pastor's Desk

Weekly thoughts and announcements from our Pastor, Fr. Tom Lewandowski.

Liturgical Season of Advent Begins!

Advent is a time of hope, reflection, anticipation and preparation for all of us who await to celebrate the Light coming into the world.  Advent is a time for longing for all who are Christian as we await the coming Incarnation Feast (the Birth of the Christ.) The Season of Advent, as well as the feasts and festivals of all the other great world religions is based on the seasons, the rhythms and movement of nature, the positioning of the sun, moon and stars.

For those of the Jewish faith, it is a time of the eight day festival of lights set at the darkness of the moon call Hanukkah. In the Zen Buddhist tradition, this is a time of Rohaste or Bodhi Day, the enlightening of all human beings. Advent is the Taoist festival of renewal and reflection, Ta Chin.  Hopefully, we will take the time from the busyness of our holiday preparations to consider our spirits.  What is our relationship to Earth, Heart, and Home?  Let us keep our priorities clear as to what is important and prepare our hearts to celebrate the Feast and Season of Christmas.

ADVENT & CHRISTMAS THEME:   Our theme for these seasons is “PREPARE & CELEBRATE.”  As we prepare during this time by buying presents, decorating our homes and anticipating spending time with family and friends, we hopefully will also prepare our hearts.  In preparing our hearts, by removing anxiety, resentment or ill will of any sort, we will be able to meaningfully celebrate the Season of Christmas by knowing the peace, joy and happiness that it can bring. In many ways, this year was one of much upheaval and negativity.  We must let the newborn Savior put us or keep us on the right track to realize those things that are most important, life-giving and long lasting – friendships, family, and inner peace.

  • Share the Spirit of the Season:  We are asking everyone to reachout to our parishioners in nursing homes, personal care homes, assisted living facilities and the home centered elderly by sending a note or card to some or all.  This reach-out is appreciated not only by the person you touch, but it touches their families as well to know that their loved one or parent is not forgotten by their parish.  It is truly the “Spirit of the Season.”