From the Pastor's Desk

Weekly thoughts and announcements from our Pastor, Fr. Tom Lewandowski.

Community Persons Knead Each Other!

One who works in the garden knows the texture of the soil; one who makes bread knows the consistency of the dough; one who dabbles in oil painting moves the colors on the canvas to get the desired effect.  Anyone who uses the gift of creativity is aware of the process of building and un-doing, of starting again and at times casting aside the work in order to move in a new direction. A writer scratches out words, inserts new ones, steps apart from the piece and returns with new ideas.  A film producer splices together frames which will be pleasing to the audience.  To be the author of any work requires effort, patient endurance, tolerance of others, and the willingness to receive constructive criticism.

We are authors, we are designers, we are giving shape to this parish community.  We will use time and energy to share ideas and hopes for the parish.  Perhaps, part of our journey together will demand scrapping some plans, strengthening some current projects, starting anew, being patient with each other – remembering that each of us brings their special gift to be used in building this community.