From the Pastor's Desk

Weekly thoughts and announcements from our Pastor, Fr. Tom Lewandowski.

How Happy Are You?

To begin creating the life  you want, take the following quiz to gauge your self-love and self-respect.  Answer yes or no!

1. Do you allow ample time to arrive early and relax for appointments?  2. Do you celebrate your own efforts and accomplishments? 3. Have you refused to stay in a hurtful relationship even though it means you may be alone? 4. Do you pay your bills and debts on time and feel comfortable with your spending patterns?  5. Do you make time to exercise at least 3 times a week? 6. Have you eliminated negative self-talk such as “I am stupid” or “I am a bad person?”  7. Do you set time aside for daily meditation, prayer and reflection just as you would make time for anyone else that you treasure? 8. Do you feel you have control over your life and that you can succeed? 9. Do you generally value your own inner guidance and intuition more than the advice of others? 10. Are you comfortable telling people how you truly feel about the pain of a difficult situation? 11. Can  you accept compliments?   If  you answer “no” to any of the questions, you may need to work on improving your relationship with yourself.