From the Pastor's Desk

Weekly thoughts and announcements from our Pastor, Fr. Tom Lewandowski.

Love that Beckons - CHRISTMAS!

“Love that Beckons reminds us there is still room for Christmas.” Christmas carries the promise that over against the muddle of everyday affairs there is still room for renewal.  Now it is like the full moon or high tide or both. Fear not.  There is room for renewal, for peace, for hope.  There is still room for us and our world, the same way there is room for Jesus to be born in a manger.  There is still room for your calendar, house, heart, for you.  There is still room….and there is still a room.  There is still room for the soldier more alone that he/she has ever been.  There is still room for the single mom to rest tonight, with loneliness in her heart, as the day slips by, she goes to bed early, knowing that the children will get up early, and she will be alone.  There is still room for those who make war to turn away and make room for peace.  There is still room for the peace that passes understanding, the peace that is not security, that is not free from fear but instead the presence of justice.  There is still room for you in you and me in me – room in our calendars for what we really want to do – and room in our relationships to grow and change, to differ and demand, dance and disturb. 

How to find this room?  Stand under the stars tonight. Count the stars.  Count the galaxies.  Enjoy the size of God – and how even God was too big for God and gave way to the Babe of Bethlehem.  If the stars won’t do, then listen to the sounds of nature, or a work of art, a piece of music.  In the stillness of your pondering, let the Christ child interrupt your normal way, your normal day, your normal pattern.  Be still and know that Jesus is God.  Be still.  The moon is full. The tide is high. We are repeating our best story.  Enjoy your story.  There is really nothing more important than the madness that Jesus Christ is born, God is with us.  Stillness has an element of will, even of responsibility, not present in being stuck. To be still is to deliberately exert yourself against the forces that would keep you moving if they could.  To be stuck is to be derailed from your will.  Will, tonight, be still.  In this stillness – Jesus Christ is born.   All that matters is here and beckoning you. Donna Schaper