Capital Campaign

Our Campaign for The Church Alive!

As parishes in the Diocese of Pittsburgh, Christ the Light of the World and St. Joseph are participating in "Our Campaign for The Church Alive!"The Church Alive! campaign is an historic diocesan-wide drive to address the extraordinary needs of our Church of Pittsburgh by investing extraordinary resources in the future of our parishes and the diocese.

For more than 170 years, the Catholic Church in southwestern Pennsylvania has ministered to the needs of God's people. We have heard Christ's invitation to love one another, to be a family of faith, and to share our faith with those around us.


More than 650,000 Catholics in the Diocese of Pittsburgh are served by approximately 200 parishes in Allegheny, Beaver, Butler, Greene, Lawrence and Washington counties. Catholic schools provide a faith-based education to over 22,000 students, while 42,000 young people attend religious education programs. More than 350 priests, 258 of whom are active at this time, 80 deacons, 250 lay ministers, and tens of thousands of committed volunteers serve the People of God every day. Catholic Charities serves tens of thousands of people a year in our six counties.

Your gift will strengthen our parishes, invigorate evangelization, revitalize sacramental life, reenergize the way we teach and form in the faith, prepare pastoral and lay leaders, and serve the poor and marginalized. The goal of Our Campaign for The Church Alive! is to raise $125,000,000 over the next five years to meet these urgent and extraordinary needs in the life of our Church.

Please visit The Church Alive! website for more information, stories and ways to give.

What this means for Christ the Light of the World and St. Joseph Parishes:

  • Our Targets: Each of our parishes was given a specific target to shoot for based on offertory collections of the last 3 years. Christ the Light of the World Target is $445,000.00 and St. Joseph’s target is $195,000.00.
  • How the money will be used: For Christ the Light of the World, the money will be used to pay for the elevator in the rectory, so Father Dennis is able to stay at CLW with his physical condition. It will also be used to replace the organ consol in Holy Name Church which is 65 years old and literally falling apart, as well as the replacement of the 30 year old roof on Holy Name Church. For St. Joseph, the money will be used to refurbish two stained glass windows which are in danger of falling in due to deterioration. The money will also pay down the remaining $68,000.00 debt to the Diocese.
  • How you can help: You can make a pledge or an outright gift that you feel you are able to make. In some cases, the Diocese suggested “target gifts” but only you know what you can afford. The pledge can be for five years (if your circumstance change, you are not bound by that commitment.) Prayerfully consider your gift; fill out the pledge card; mail it to the rectory, drop it off or in the collection by April 20. Online giving as well as additional options are available through The Church Alive! website.
  • Food for Thought: Just think if one person donates the full amount, or two people donate half or so many donate $50.00 a month or $25.00 a month, etc. we would hit the goals of both parishes. Already, CLW has received $11,375 and St. Joseph has received $1,625 from both parishioners AND non-parishioners.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is the campaign target and what does the money go towards?
    The target for Our Campaign for The Church Alive! is $125,000,000. This is a comprehensive capital and endowment campaign in which funds raised will go towards supporting the following four areas:Vibrant Parishes, Catholic Education, Catechesis and Formation, Evangelization and Stewardship and Our People Caring.
  • How is Our Campaign for The Church Alive! different than the annual Parish Share Program?
    The Parish Share Program provides necessary annual operating support for agencies, pastoral ministries, and education programs throughout the Diocese of Pittsburgh. Our Campaign for The Church Alive! will raise money for specific capital and endowment needs that will fortify key programs within the Diocese. This campaign will enable the Church of Pittsburgh to provide additional financial support to parishes; to ensure access to a high-quality Catholic education; to invest in faith formation and campus infrastructure; to care for retired clergy; and to minister to the needy in our region by providing vital human services. Donors will be asked to maintain current annual gift levels in addition to campaign investments.
  • Will the Parish Share Program continue during Our Campaign for The Church Alive!?

    The traditional Parish Share Program will be separate and distinct from Our Campaign for The Church Alive! After much discernment from the Pastors' Advisory Committee, it was recommended that the parishes continue to conduct their Parish Share Program as they see fit providing all money is transmitted to the Diocese, as usual, by December 31 of the calendar year.

  • For more FAQ's, download the Frequently Asked Questions booklet.