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Recent Events  & Activities

Good Friday & Easter Vigil

Standing Room Only crowd of 573 at 4:00 pm Christmas Eve Mass in St. Joseph Church.
Fr. Tom loves to get our children up close and personal for his homily during the Children's Mass!


Christmas Eve

through the talented lens of Paul Ruhl.


The Table is set. . .share the Banquet!
from the talented lens of Paul Ruhl.


. . .and the Word became Flesh. . . from the talented lens of Paul Ruhl.




Andy & Rosie Dubyak's little "Blessings" Oldest to Youngest!


 Advent Lessons and Carols

Advent Lessons and Carols

Festival of Lessons & Carols
at Holy Trinity Church

Several members of our Choir shared their dulcet tones with St. Agnes & Holy Trinity choir members at the Annual Festival of Lessons & Carols which was presented at Holy Trinity Church on Sunday December 10.  Frs. Tom Lewandowski and Gregory Madeya presided.  Holy Trinity organist Len Potemra organizes & directs this event each year.


Bibles for our 6th, 7th & 8th Grade CCD Students

Sunday December 3rd, Fr. Tom blessed and together with DRE Donna Lew-Buechel and Youth Minister Joann Giuffre presented brand-new Bibles to our 6th, 7th & 8th Grade CCD Students.