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Weekly Mass schedule


NINETEENTH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME                                  AUGUST 12, 2018

SUNDAY            5:30   [HN] [SAT. PM] Marilyn Kurutz (Family)
                           8:30   [SH] [SUN. AM] Marlene Miller (Tony Godine ),
                                      Living & Deceased Members of CLW/St. Joseph
                          11:30   [HN] [SUN. AM] Elaine Pych (Paulette and Francine)

MONDAY                      NO MASS
TUESDAY         12:00   [PM] [HN] Florence Denicola (B.G. Rossner)

WEDNESDAY     8:00   [AM] Holy Trinity
Feast of Mary’s 12:00   [PM] [HN] Lucille Runge (Janice Boyer)
Assumption        7:00   [PM] Kathy Tomas (Mary Louise Younkin)

THURSDAY:     12:00   [PM] [HN] James & Alberta Budai (Paul & Colleen Budai & Family)FRIDAY              8:00   [AM] [HN Michael and Florence Andrews (Family)

NEXT                  5:30   [HN] [SAT. PM] Roberta Bevan (Husband Thomas)
SUNDAY            8:30   [SH] [SUN. AM] Irene Pollak (Robert Denicola)
                          11:30   [HN] [SUN. AM] Al and Marie Mihalco (Mihalco Family),
                                      Living & Deceased Members of CLW/St. Joseph



Located in Duquesne, PA, Christ the Light of the World and St. Joseph Parishes are faith-filled communities who believe that Jesus Christ is at the center of our lives. No matter your past or present status in the Catholic Church, your current family or marital status, your past or current religious affiliation, your personal history, age, background or ethnicity—you are invited, accepted and most welcomed at Christ the Light of the World and St. Joseph Parishes. We hope you join us soon!

Christ the Light of the World Parish &
St. Joseph Parish
Rev. Thomas J. Lewandowski, Pastor

32 South 1st Street
Duquesne, PA 15110
(412) 469-0196

Saturday - 5:30pm - Holy Name Church
Sunday - 8:30am - St. Joseph Church
Sunday - 11:30am - Holy Name Church

Weekday masses are held at Holy Name Church and may vary. Please check our Mass Schedule for a current listing of mass times and intentions.

Interested in becoming a CLW-St. Joseph Volunteer?

Please be aware that it is Diocesan policy that ALL volunteers complete the Safe Environment Process before they begin volunteering. This process ensures a safe environment for our children.

SEVENTH SUNDAY OF EASTER                                                                     MAY 13, 2018

SUNDAY            5:30   [HN] [SAT. PM] Bess Stipetich and Eleanor Shroads (Carol & Garret),                                       Living & Deceased Members of CLW/St. Joseph Parishes
                            8:30   [ST. HEDWIG] [SUN. AM] Deceased of Toboz and Lusckay
                                      Families (Donna and Larry Lusckay)
                          11:30   [HN] [SUN. AM] Helen Getner (Dianne and Ken Awenowitz)

MONDAY                      NO MASS
TUESDAY         12:00   [PM] [HN] Joseph Hlad (Wife, Cecelia)
WEDNESDAY  12:00   [PM] [HN] Nora Mae DiPaolo (Wayne Matakovis)
THURSDAY:     12:00   [PM] [HN] Carole Bodnar (Mr. and Mrs. David Sadinsky)
FRIDAY               8:00   [AM] [HN] Pat Pinneri (Anne Radakovich)  

NEXT                  5:30   [HN] [SAT. PM] Seth Budai (Mom, Dad, Meredith, Josh, Gina,                                                    Giuliana)
SUNDAY             8:30   [SH] [SUN. AM] Steve and Helen Kollar (Daughters),
                                        Living & Deceased Members of CLW/St. Joseph Parishes
                           11:30   [HN] [SUN. AM] Nancy Grumboski (Family)