Every industry around the world has its own fair share of misconceptions. Of course, the car detailing industry is not exempted. In fact, there are a lot of misconceptions about car detailing online. 

Today, we are going to share with you some of the myths and misconceptions about a mobile auto detailing San Jose CA that you should not believe at all. 

Car Detailing is Not Worth the Cost 

A lot of car owners believe this myth thinking that they can do the job themselves at their homes. However, the truth is that most of what you are paying for is the skill and experience of the technicians, the premium products, and the tools they use. You aren’t paying for the actual process of washing the vehicle. You won’t expect a similar outcome from a professional car detailing company and something you did with the help of a low-quality cleaning solution and sponge at your home.  

Drive-Through Car Washes Offer the Same Results for an Affordable price 

This is not the case. This is a huge myth. Drive-through car washes utilize chemicals and harsh sprayers that can cause damage to the finish and paint of your car. Exterior car detailing is done by experts with care by hand. It might cost much higher. However, the risks are much lower and the results will be a lot better. Comparing a drive-through car wash to expert car detailing services is like comparing Bananas to Eggplants. They are not the same.  

Quick Washes Are Enough 

This is also a dangerous misconception that people believe from time to time. It is crucial to understand the difference between the complete car detailing services that cost you $100 and the quick washes offered for $5-$15. As the name implies, quick washes aren’t thorough. They’re quick. Of course, you get what you pay for and these washes will not offer the quality that you will get from complete detailing services. This does not mean that quick washes are useless. They still have a purpose.  

Your Vehicle Will Always Appear Showroom Ready After the Job 

Just like any services, car detailing services aren’t created equal. Though a couple will have your car looking like you just recently bought it, others won’t offer this quality. It is ideal that you do your homework before you commit to a specific company. This will help you recognize the quality you can get from them. In addition to that, you should not hire a company base on price alone.  

Every Car Detailing Service is the Same 

A lot of people believe that every detailing service is the same. Well, this is a very popular misconception. This is far from reality. There are a couple of car detailers that are better compared to others, just like in any industry. There will be a couple of businesses that have better services compared to others. That is why you will have to compare prices, talk to detailers, read reviews, and do research if you want to hire the best car detailing company in your area.