One thing that can be detrimental to your house is water damage. you shouldn’t wait for a plumbing leak to happen on you. By being proactive, you can prevent water damage from happening to your house.  

The ideal way to stop leaks in their tracks and save your house is to detect it. However, it isn’t always easy to detect leaks before they become an issue, Fortunately, we are here to help. Before you look for professional plumbing contractors Santa Barbara, here are several tips you can follow in detecting leaks: 

Examine the Hose Bibs Outside 

You need to examine the hose bibs. Usually, you can find them outside your home. Almost every house has one at the back and one at the front. 

After you find the hose bibs, you should use a screwdriver and put a metal portion of it on the metal part of the hose bib. After that, you can take the knuckle of your thumb and place it at the screwdriver’s other end. Lastly, place your ear next to your knuckle.  

You will be able to hear it if there is a leak that isn’t noticeable. You should do this to every hose bib in your home.  

Examine the Meter Line 

You need to find the shut-off valve of your home if you want to examine the meter line. Temporarily shut off the valve and then get rid of the lid from the meter and look at the dial.  

If the meter’s lid is not visible, perhaps it is covered with debris and dirt. Thus, you should try cleaning the area. Oftentimes, dirt accumulates and covers the meter. You should look to see if the meter is still turning after you get off the lid.  

Perhaps the valve is leaking is the dial is still turning. Also, the leak can be in between your home and the meter. This is quite common if you live in an old house. There’s a possibility that the leak is inside your home if this is the case. Hire a professional plumber for help. 

Examine the Hot Water Tank 

You can also check the pressure relief valve of your hot water tank. This valve may be located inside the drain. This makes it difficult to detect a leak. To find the leak, you have to get rid of the drain pipe first.  

You should closely listen for a hissing noise if getting rid of the drainpipe is not an option. There is a leak if you hear hissing sounds. If you detect a leak within your hot water tank, you need to contact a professional plumbing company as soon as possible.  

Searching for pooling water near the bottom area of the tank is another method you can use to detect a leak in your hot water tank. There is a leak if you find pooling water. Furthermore, you should look for moisture on the bottom of the discharge tube. These are indications of a hot water tank leak. Call a plumber right away for help.